By Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian)Dr. Sergey Uhanov Last updated: 18th October 2022

Brazilian Terrier


Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) Dr. Sergey Uhanov
Last updated: 18th October 2022

The Brazilian Terrier was developed by cross-breeding Jack Russell Terriers, Miniature Pinchers, and large Chihuahuas. The rare breed is of a wonderfully fearless and lively disposition. It has a muscular build, with a tapered chest and a strong jaw which is set in a triangular skull. It’s docked tail and semi- erect, folded ears set it apart.

Brazilian Terrier Pictures

Quick Information

Other NamesFox Paulistinha, Terrier Brasileiro
CoatShort, fine and sleek
ColorTri-color, combination of white and tan with black, blue or brown markings
GroupHunting dog, watchdog, companion dog
Lifespan12 – 14 years
HeightMale: 14-16 inches, Female: 13-15 inches
Weight15-20 lbs
Litter Size4 – 7 puppies
TemperamentAlert, playful, brave, active, jovial, affectionate, inquisitive
Good with ChildrenYes
Competitive Registration Qualification/ InformationDRA, FCI

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Although the precise origin of the breed is obscure, it is believed that the Brazilian Terrier was developed in the 1800s when Jack Russell Terriers were brought into Brazil and bred with Miniature Pinchers as well as large Chihuahuas. They were bred to work both individually and in packs to hunt small game. In spite of them being quite well known in Brazil, they are not so popular outside of it.

Although it has been over a century since the Brazilian came into existence, it was recognized as late as 1973.


The Brazilian Terrier is a curious and spirited breed which loves to explore. They are intelligent and obedient dogs who require patient and steady training.

They may have a tendency to bark to get your attention, but the same trait makes them excellent watchdogs. Although tolerant of guests, they get vocal to alert you on of any intruder that catches his sight.

They are not aggressive and get along well with other pets, but it is advisable to not leave them in the company of small animals like rodents due to their strong chasing instincts.

These friendly dogs make lovely companions to their owners and are protective towards children, provided the little ones do not tease them or try their patience.

The zestful breed loves to play for hours on end with their owners. However, without an alpha male in the house, they may develop Small Dog Syndrome wherein it can begin attempting to act stubborn and dominate the humans around him.



Despite its small size, the hyperactive breed has high exercise needs, well-suited to a country home than an apartment life.

They are very agile dogs who demand a substantial dose of physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis.   A 2 hour long walk and play session is essential to avoid the possibility of them getting edgy and engaging in destructive behavior like barking and digging.


Since their short coat requires minimal grooming, brushing it one to two times a week is sufficient. Check their ears for wax and infections on a regular basis.

Health Problems

Although few among this breed may be prone to the occasional skin allergy and ear infection, there are no reported health problems of the Brazilian Terrier as such.


The Brazilian Terrier should be given consistent training by a strong pack leader, or it may turn into a headstrong mutt. Make the training interesting to ensure that his mind doesn’t get diverted, and he stays keen to learn.

Stranger Anxiety: Socialize them right from an early stage so that he doesn’t act unnecessarily suspicious of strangers and behaves politely with new people.

Obedience: They should be trained to follow commands like ‘No’, ‘Sit’ and ‘Stop’ with the help of regular, stable training. Set rules for him to make him understand the extent of his freedom from an early stage.

Leash Training: Leash train your dog firmly right from puppyhood in a proper environment to curb its strong hunting instinct. Avoid letting them off their leash in an open space to stop them from chasing and hunting small animals like rats. If they aren’t taught to behave themselves without a leash, ensure that the area is barricaded before you decide to take it off.


This high-energy dog with a fast metabolism require meals specific to small dogs consisting of large amounts of animal protein and fat. Consult your vet to decide on the quantity and number of meals to be provided to him depending on his age and physical activity

Interesting Facts

  • The Brazilian Terrier is one among the only two native Brazilian breeds, the other being Fila Brasileiro.

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