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  1. mouseythedoggo says:

    I have a Chihuahua boston mix named maus/mousey I got her from a rescue shelter when she was found in a flood. my mom brought this cutie to my dads vet clinic and we both fell asleep on the floor. mousey is now my sevice dog and loves kids when she gets to know them and is great with our other dogs but she does get very protective and clingy but I love her

  2. Pat Gottal says:

    I rescued Molly about 6 mos. ago and she and I immediately bonded. She is well behaved, does not bark, and a wonderful companion dog, especially for someone living in an apartment. She loves everybody and everybody loves her. She definitely is my best friend. Most of all, I like how she likes to cover herself up when she is ready to go to sleep and not be disturbed.

  3. Robert Gilmore says:

    See Website Thank you RG

  4. Ron Rasey says:

    I’m looking to purchase a Bo-Chi puppy in the September, 2019 timeframe. I live in Toledo, Ohio and would prefer a breeder I can drive to (150 mile max). Any suggestions?

  5. ronald palumbo says:

    i rescued one just like him , and i love this dog to the moon he is my bestest friend , when i moved into an senior home i said i,ll sleep in the woods be fore i give him up.

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