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  1. Monique says:

    I adopted my BB from the RSPCA. She is very loyal & a wonderful guard dog. The longer I’ve had her, the more protective she has become. She is very energetic & loves a run on the beach. She is a great dog that has brought a lot of happiness to our family

  2. Alice M. says:

    Check wagginghearts.com. They always have collie breeds mixed. We are rescuing our sweet 9 week pup from there. We saw the liter and by his personality and what his temporary mom told us, we knew he will be right for us.

  3. Delissa says:

    I have a 13 month beagle border collie mix we hadhim since he wad 10 weeks old he. Still has accidents in the house such as using the bathroom in the house and he is aso very destructive. He loves to tear every thing up is there any helpful tips anyone can give me to help mr cash

    • admin says:

      Hi Delissa,
      Some dogs like to chew and tear up things, using it as a means of calming themselves. Your 10-week-old Border Collie mix could be destructive for the same reason. So, here are some tips that would help you in stopping your dog from damaging property in your house.
      • Do not unleash your anger on the dog, as it won’t do any good.
      • Correct your dog using a light touch on his neck to divert his attention. Don’t try to take the dog or the object away forcefully.
      • Redirect his behavior by providing some treats, chew toys, or bully sticks that may get the dog to let the object go.
      • You may use positive energy along with body language to claim the object.

  4. Maureen says:

    Is there a list of breeders?

  5. Christine rardin says:

    We have a border beagle mix and he’s a wonderful companion​ to have he’s smart, listens most of the time. We go on walks and he loves playing frisbee he also likes hurding the 3 cats that stay outside we enjoy having this breed of dog.

  6. Lisa Iantorno says:

    I would like more information on this adorable little angel. Where are these dogs and is there a recommended breeder to use?

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