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The active, agile and affectionate crossbreed of the Border Collie and the Labrador Retriever, Borador, is a designer dog, standing taller than many other dogs in the group, having a broad forehead, tapered muzzle ending in a pointed black nose, that makes a great family and apartment dog, inheriting the combined temperament of both its parents.

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Quick Information

Dog BreedBorador
ColorWhite, black
Breed TypeCross breed
Group (of Breed)Herding, sporting, designer
Lifespan14 to 15 years
Weight35 – 45 pounds
Height (size)
Medium; 18 – 22 inches
SheddingMinimum – average
TemperamentLoving, friendly
Good with ChildYes
Litter SizeUp to 9 puppies at a time
Originated in USA
Health ConcernsCommon/general dog issues
Competitive RegistrationACHC, DDKC, DRA, IDCR, DBR

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Temperament and Behavior

This intelligent and obedient dog inherits the virtues from both parent breeds that one can expect from a pet dog, ready to do anything for the ‘master’, they would even alert them barking at strange noises, especially during nighttime, making them a great guard dog. Described as a ‘very happy’ dog, they are sweet and loyal to all members and children in its family.



An untiring dog that needs serious exercises, this breed are not meant for lazy owners, since they enjoy walking, jogging, retrieving, playing with toys, frisbees, tennis balls, open-air sports and even swimming, which would always keep them fit and ‘happy’.


Casual grooming skin, eyes, ears and coat is recommended, since they shed too little, nor do they develop any typical doggie aroma. De-furminators work great to cleanse them during shedding.

Health Problems

Other than being vulnerable to orthopedic issues like hip-dysplasia, that are common to the lab mixes, constipation and overweight issues too are common to this breed. Although skin and dental health of the borador is excellent, cleaning their ears at times is necessary.


Being prone to chewing, these dogs would love to chew even wrists, fingers, eyeglasses etc., and needs being trained at that, which should even resolve issues of their excitable nature, If they are towards their collie parents genetically. Although these naturally-sociable dogs seldom bark at passers-by, but the owner must always take the lead during training or exercising to keep away ‘pack-leader’ issues, without which, the dogs might develop behavioral issues when adult.


1 ½ to 2 cups of dry high-quality normal dog food is enough for your borador. The food should be divided into 2 equal meals. Also, you can give your dog treats from time to time. But do hide the dog treats, since they are prone to eating, and also, tell the family that your borador is on a strict diet recommended by her veterinarian so that, the pet is unable to eat table scraps.

Interesting Facts

  • Their refined intelligence helps them be an ideal pet to serve even the blind and the disabled.
  • The easily-trainable Borador picks up fetching games fast, a nature inherited from its ‘retriever’ and ‘hunter’ parents.
  • The dog responds briskly to whistles and human commands.

51 responses to “Borador”

  1. Randy Dill says:

    I would love to find a Borador breeder near Pa., Md., De., Nj. or Oh.

  2. Mike says:

    I am looking for a Borador puppy. Would anyone know of any breeders in the Midwest? I live in northern Illinois.

  3. Bruce Cohen says:

    Just lost our 14 yo female – borador. Fiona. Had her since she was 6 months old. There is a major hole in my heart. Great with horses and people.

    Looking for another. I know Fiona cannot be replaced, but this “breed” is beyond exceptional.

    I am in Souther California. We have 1.5 acres so plenty of room to run around.

    • Cari Montgomery says:

      I have four. They will be ready Jan 4th, 2020

      • Trina Anderson says:

        Do you have any female board or puppies left/available?

      • Dan Goodman says:

        We just had to put down our 9 yo Borador due to terminal cancer. Looking for a male. We have a large 1/4 acre fenced well kept yard. We also have a cabin on 30 acres. We train, I work from home, my wife and I are a wreck without our Lincoln. Please respond.

  4. Norma Johnson says:

    Our recued Borador is very protective of our family. Loves kids, grew up with a baby granddaughter. Has a loud bark when playing but then only when someone comes to the door or is near the house,we live next to a ravine. Chases rabbits, cats [we have two], and squirrels sadly killing baby bunnies. Very active [even at age 8], biggest problem is that she digs. Can’t stop to even look at a plant,without her needing attention and will start to dig large deep holes. Still love her++

  5. Ben says:

    We just got a puppy with this mix, he came from a purebred lab father and a Borador mother, so he definitely leans more towards Lab in his mix. He will likely be bigger, if his HUGE paws are any indication. Sweet little guy.

  6. Barbara says:

    I’ve rescued what I think is a borador from the SCPA (they called him a “border collie mix). He is now 6 months old, and we go hiking together and of course he has short bursts of running in the park. I am wondering when I can start jogging with him? I am a slow jogger (10+ minute miles). What does the group think? Still too early? Thanks!

    • Joy janzen says:

      I have certainly heard that it isn’t good to run them too early, but I have come to think that is a perspective of non-runners who don’t understand that some breeds are inexhaustible. We got our Borador from a shelter too. The vet guessed he was a year old, at the time he was 30lbs but he grew the following year to 55lbs and he is still trim. i started running him right after he learned to walk heel with a pinch collar – so potentially he was less than a year. He runs tied to my waist with a pinch collar – he pulls slightly for the first 3 or 4km and then usually starts to run heel …………kind of. I think the most I have run with him tied to me is 12km and after, still no signs of fatigue, other than sleeping well at night. I run with his collapsible dog bowl in my hand because he won’t drink from a Gulpe. There are 2 water fountains on our route. Fortunately I live near an off leash trail system. Once he became trained on his e-collar his true running potential came through. This is his favorite – running dog-style with stops, sniffs, pees and sprints. I still run, but not with him tied to me at a steady pace. – my view is – as long as you are careful for signs of fatigue and keep him well-hydrated – why not start continuous running now.

  7. Shena P says:

    We have 4 years old borador. We rescued her when she was a puppy.Loves to fish, chase squirrels, chipmunks and any
    Little creatures. She’s amazing mice hunter. She’s highly allergic to bee stings. Very smart, and highly sensitive. When you scold her she will ignores you til you give her a hug, then she’ll go to her biscuit cabinet. (That’s payment for scolding her.) ???? She doesn’t like trainings. She will do the command 1-2 times and will walk away if you keep doing it, it doesn’t matter if you have the best treat in the world. She could care less. ???? She is 75 lbs, Loves to travel and see and inspect new places (smells). She’s been all over the country. East-West (USA).She’s the best! ????

    • Arne Arnell says:

      My daughter adopted a dog for the family/Me.
      *** Beware*** of the weight guide. Chase is 10 months old and tips the scale at 83 LBS..He is Big, Strong & High Energy..
      He is by far the happiest dog you will ever see, People comment does that 17″ tail ever stop.

      EXERCISE is a MUST !!!HOURS..REALLY..If you can not run him this breed might not be for you.. This breed stays in the puppy stage for 3-4 years they say..My lab & Golden were old sols in 12-14 months

      Training- As much as possible..They are really smart,and want to learn. Invest the time.

      Without any doubt he will keep us young.

  8. Patricia says:

    Hi. I live in Las Vegas, NV and am interested in a female Borador. Does anyone know of any breeders in this area?

  9. Christine B. says:

    I rescued my Borador when he was 11 months old. He is 2 years old now. So handsome and sweet and so friendly to my 3 children. He is the smartest and most athletic dog I’ve ever met. He does hand shakes and high 5’s too. He loves to play outside but hates the rain. Loves to roll around in puddles but hates to swim. Loves the snow and can play fetch for hours if you have the time. I am so happy that I rescued this dog, he really is so love able. My boy Sam is a big boy 85lbs and loves to sit on your lap if you let him. Does anyone’s Borador have a tail that whips you? His tail wags so hard it hurts lol Still so glad we have him in our life would recommend this breed to everyone.

  10. Jo says:

    I just adopted a “borador” from a shelter. She is 9 weeks old and only 5 lbs. I am worried that they gave us a different mix breed. Is this a normal size for this breed? We are looking for a dog who will grow to be at least 30 lbs. at adulthood and I dont think this dog will be, based on her small size at 9 weeks. Does anyone have any advice?

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      Hi Jo,
      You may contact a vet to know the right size of a 9-week-old Borador. He may recommend doing a DNA test to identify the genetic ancestry of your dog.

    • pw says:

      my 2 boradors are about 9 to 10 weeks old and around 15 to 18 lbs

    • Shawna says:

      I adopted two puppies from the same litter in May, same mom, probably different dads. Mom is a yellow lab and one looks just like her only a little smaller and the other looks just like a border collie and is smaller than his yellow brother. Loki (the border) has always been smaller than Thor and when we got them at their first vet visit Loki weighed 5lbs while Thor weighed 10. He is still about half the weight of Thor but definitely border collie/lab with his black and white, semi long coat and floppy lab ears.

    • Dana says:

      Make sure she doesn’t have worms. Ours had roundworms and went from 7#’s at 2 months to 31#’s at 4 months. Vet thinks she could get to 100#’s

  11. Melissa says:

    Does anyone know of any borador breeders? Canada or USA?

  12. Stam says:

    Hello from beautiful Hellas.I have a borador for the past 11 months and,let me tell you friends,is the BEST dog an owner can hope for!Agile,intelligent,curious,friendly with humans and animals alike.I wouldn’t trade my Bruno for the world!

  13. Christy says:

    I have a 9 year old mix she is having a hard time with her hips. Is this normal for a black lab boarder collie mix breed

    • Alroy foss says:

      I had a black lab beagle sweet dog 10 years and she stated lip a few days latter she lost mobility of both back legs l had to pyt her doun l mis her

  14. Julie says:

    I just adopted a bordor ….she is the most awesome dog !! Smart and so friendly.

    • Rick says:

      great dogs. My borador Jack is 13 years old going on 4 years. Even the vet commented how young the dog appears and acts. Hope he has many more years ahead. He is more than my dog, he is my friend and I can tell he thinks I am his buddy also.

  15. Barb says:

    We are looking for a border mix. Courrenly have 16 year border lab newfound mix. Am handicap and have trained him as my assist dog. Looking for a great compaionplease call. 317607t143

    • Cindy Riley says:

      We have a precious borador that we need to rehome. Rascal is 4 yrs old and jet black. He is very friendly and gets along well with other dogs. We adopted him from the humane shelter his last weekend as code red when he was 6 months old. He loves to play and be petted. He lives in our house, but plays outside. He does not use the restroom in the house, beg for food, or jump on beds. He sneaks on the couch sometimes, but he is usually looking for a loving lap when he does. We are moving across the country into a significantly smaller home and much smaller yard, so we. Red to find him another loving home. There is a missing digit in your phone number. Call/text 662-255-5283 if you are interested in our sweet boy.

  16. Thomas says:

    We are looking for a borador male black and white puppy in Boston/MA area. Please leave a message if you have a good one.

  17. Pippypaul says:

    My borador is the best dog I have ever had ,being retired he gets loads of exercise eats around 2kio of Dry food a week never leaves my side if I go down the garden he will come looking for me like some of the other owners dogs he doesn’t like swimming much he will if he has to but prefers paddling all in all a very sociable dog actually gives guest that come into the house a hug once he’s settled down

  18. Bobbie jo says:

    We have a Border collie/black lab mix…. he is about 3 months old .. he chews on anything u leave out.. he loves to play with our wolf hybri puppy… He chases our cats for fun… n healways wants to be with us when he isn’t playing… he lays at our feet r he lays by our bedroom door at night…. He is one of the sweetest puppies ever.

  19. Denny says:

    Our beloved 11 year old family dog, Chester, is a “borador”. Sweet and mellow like a lab, smart and agile like a border collie. Good lookin’, too. Weird thing is he absolutely hates swimming. Doesn’t even like to get his paws wet. Is that a border collie trait coming through?

    • Hollie says:

      I had a pure Border Collie and she absolutely loved water. Maybe just an individual thing rather than a breed trait? Looking to get a Borador myself – can’t wait!!

      • Paul says:

        We have a “borador”, apparently … just sussed it… and he absolutely hates water too. Even reluctant to venture on to a wet lawn or pop outside when it’s raining… we are in England., so it rains a LOT. HAve managed to get him in the sea up to his knees, but no further. In reference to a post above… he loved chasing squirrels… but also rabbits, cats and white vans. Never caught one though. Our cats are fast. He’s not just a dog though… he’s a GOOD dog.

      • Paul says:

        We have a “borador”, apparently … just sussed it… and he absolutely hates water too. Even reluctant to venture on to a wet lawn or pop outside when it’s raining… we are in England., so it rains a LOT. HAve managed to get him in the sea up to his knees, but no further. In reference to a post above… he loved chasing squirrels… but also rabbits, cats and white vans. Never caught one though. Our cats are fast. He’s not just a dog though… he’s a GOOD dog. Oh… and he weighs 32 Kg
        … but he runs like a greyhound… in short bursts.

      • Brigham Brown says:

        Gracie, our rescue dog (lab mix the shelter said) has it made. We live next to Juno dog beach. She too doesn’t have interest in swimming. She only loves to play fetch with tennis balls when she wants to. Grace is head strong, very protective of her mom. Ovbiously she is mixed breed. When I saw the pics of these dogs, I realized that’s a part of her dna. 51 lbs of energy ????

  20. painter33 says:

    35-45 lbs. Ha! Our girl weighs a svelte 80 lbs. No fat, no treats (she thinks her dry food kibble is a treat – fooled her), no people food. “Very happy dog” indeed – the sweetest, most dependable temperament of any dog; smarter than any other dog other than a purebred Border Collie; and can learn almost anything in one training session. Impresses everyone she meets, of any species except squirrels, where her herding and prey drive instincts take over. Doesn’t chase rabbits or any other animals – just squirrels, but she’s never caught one. She is in essence, she’s the perfect dog, unless one wants a miniature or a little terrier dog of some sort. These are hardy, active, and really special dogs. Adoption/rescue is a must, because saving a black dog from “black dog syndrome” is an admirable thing to do – any black dog.

  21. Marc says:

    Looking for a lab boxer mix puppy

  22. Cameron says:

    Like to know more about sheprador.

  23. David Axton says:


    I hope you are doing well. I am writing to inquire if you would consider acquiring the Domain Borador.COM Do let me know what you think, I can let it go at a fare price.

    David Axton

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