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  1. Margaret Rose Christen says:

    my female bolonka is one year old. She is beautiful, but “14” pounds, full of energy, not a lap dog, but does want to be with us and loves my other dog. he is stubborn, and does bark when she hears anything. Working on training, but she needs
    exercise and not is happy to sit on your lap and be still.
    So, be sure you have time for exercise, training, and I comb her several times a day, so she does not get matted. She does have beautiful hair.Gets groomed every 2 months professionally.
    I hoped for a tiny lap dog, but she is not that. We love her anyway, and she loves my other dog too.
    DO your homework with breeders!!!! She was not cheap!

    • Jen says:

      Curious how big your bolanka was at three months? We just got our little girl and she is three months old and weighs 3.5 lbs so I was thinking she is going to stay small.

      • Tina Chermak says:

        I breed Bolonka’s. The size is determined by the parents. Most weight around 8 lbs to 15 lbs. Your breeder will know about how big the puppy is going to be when full grown. I have smaller females and my males aren’t heavy boned. My puppies will be approximately 8 to 10 lbs. I do get the occasional larger dog. At 3.5 lbs as an 8 week old puppy will probably be around 10 lbs.

        • Nancy says:

          Hi do you have any puppies available?

        • Gidah P Rios says:

          I’m looking for a Bolonka female pup or dog for my mom who suffers from Epliepsy Seizures. She needs a companion and loving dog. If you have or knows where I can adopt one please contact me at 1-813-787-6175. Tampa, Fl
          Thanks, Patti

  2. Jim & Carolyn Britton says:

    Where in Texas can we view / purchase this breed of canine – they are just fricking adorable!
    Thanks for the assistance

  3. Sgroby says:

    I have a four mo old bolonka poodle. She does not look anything like a poodle. She looks like the bolonka. I loved her as soon as I got her. She is going all the time.
    She is a very friendly dog. I would not let her go for anything. She wants to be with one of us all the time. Not a big barker. She is somewhat stubborn her name is coco

  4. Richard Bowser says:

    I just discovered a kennel that has Bolonkas. We are picking ours up
    on Wednesday. The Kennel has a one left. But her daughter has
    a bolonka shitzu mix.

  5. Malika Robinson says:

    I’m looking to purchase Bolonka and was wondering how much would one be? It can be a mix breed.

    • Ancient Iron Bolonka says:

      Have you found your little bolonka yet? I am having pups the end of April, 2018, just 11 days away. Please see us on Facebook. Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka in the Provinces of Canada.

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