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  1. Heather Bennett says:

    We are happy to have found this page & to have learned our dog is a Boingle!!
    He is a rescue dog, got him when he was about 4 months & have had him for almost 2 years now. He is truly a sweetheart, very good with our kids, & loves to play with other dogs.

  2. Craig says:

    I’m looking for another Boingle. I have a 4 year old male that needs a playmate! This breed is extremely tough to find!

    Any one dan help? I’m in western WI.

  3. Ashley Walker says:

    How do I go about finding the dogs in the pictures? Immine is list and several of these I’d like to inquire about

  4. Rhonda Hooks says:

    We have a Boingle we got at the humane society age 1 year. He is 2 now. HATES being alone…loves excercise. He is incredibly loving. Just a peach of a dog


    We were lucky and found our Beagle Pointer mix at the Humane Society. She is wonderful! Smart and energetic! Perfect dog for us. Loves to explore her surroundings and go for long walks.

  6. Melody Patterson says:

    How do I go about finding a Boingle puppy for sale (Beagle cross Pointer)

  7. Melody Patterson says:

    How do I go about finding a beagle pointer cross puppy. I want a bitch and both parents need to be pure breds. I am familiar with both breeds, I am very active so this puppy would have consistent company and lots of exercise.

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