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Bohemian Shepherd


Macy Gen Veterinary Assistant Macy Gen
Last updated: 18th October 2022

Also known as the Chodenhund or Chodský pes, the Bohemian Shepherd is a breed of herding dog, developed in the Chod region of Bohemia. Its well-proportioned, compact body, is accompanied by a wedge-shaped head, small-sized, high set, erect ears, long and elegant neckline, dark muzzle, almond-shaped eyes and a thick, furry tail. Though developed as a herding breed, their even-tempered nature makes them a perfect companion dog.

Bohemian Shepherd Pictures

Quick Information

Common nicknamesCzech Sheepdog, Chodský pes,  Chodenhund, Bohemian Herder
CoatOuter coat: Long, coarse, thick
Undercoat: Short and soft
ColorBlack, tan
Breed typePurebred
GroupHerding dog, Guard dog
Average lifespan/ life expectancy9 to 13 years
Size (How big do they get)Medium
Height 19 to 23 inches
Weight40 to 60 lbs
Behavioral CharacteristicsIntelligent, playful, active, loyal, calm, brave
Good with childrenYes
Climate CompatibilityAdapts well in all climate
Do they barkOccasionally (to alert about an intruder)
Shedding (Does it shed)Moderate to Average
Competitive Registration Qualification/ InformationNot recognized by any major kennel club
CountryCzech Republic

7 weeks old Bohemian Shepherd puppy in snow


Developed in the Chod region of Bohemia by the Chodovs (locals), the Bohemian Shepherd is one of the ancient breeds of sheepdog. In fact, their origination is said to be as early as the 1300s or even before that period. Dog enthusiasts began taking an interest in these dogs and eventually started breeding them in the 1500s. Since breeders did not keep sufficient details, there is not too much information about them, though this is older than all other Shepherd breeds. However, their numbers majorly declined during the two World wars. A modern breeding programme resumed in 1984 to initiate the development of the dogs, which went on until 2009, with 3500 puppies being born as well as registered.

Temperament and Personality

Energetic, alert and hardworking, they are well-suited for experienced owners, as well as homes which are prepared to handle a dog that is always on the run. Loyal and affectionate towards the members of its family, the Bohemian Herder qualifies as a brilliant watchdog because of its alert nature, wariness towards strangers and tendency to bark at the sight of an intruder.  Though brave and hardworking, they are gentle and patient too, which makes them good therapy and service dogs. Though they share a good rapport with children especially when brought up with them, supervision is required, since they could put their herding instinct to use when dealing with the little ones. It is because of this same reason that their interaction with smaller pets should be restricted.



Since this breed was developed as working dogs, they require at least an hour and a half of physical exercise every day. Besides taking them out on a long walk, you should also give them ample playtime in a fenced yard. Make them your companion while you go jogging, bicycling or hiking. They would be okay in an apartment but thrive better in homes with big yards.


Their grooming needs are high since they have a thick, long coat, requiring to be brushed thrice in a week on normal days and daily during shedding seasons. Bathe it when the need arises for the same. Trim its nails, clean its eyes and ears as well as brush its teeth to maintain sound hygiene.

Health Problems

Though it has a moderately good life expectancy, this breed may suffer from problems like bloating, hip dysplasia, eye problems, and ear infections.


Its high level of intelligence would make training easy, though these dogs could get a little stubborn at times, needing a firm handler.

  • Obedience training is needed for Bohemian puppies to keep their herding nature in check. Once they can follow commands, assign a “Stop’ or “No” to denote anything undesirable done by them. Once they follow your instructions and stop their destructive activity, reward them with a treat. In this way, they would be able to associate that a good thing means a reward and a bad deed indicates harsh words.
  • Leash train them during their puppyhood so that their chasing instinct may be kept under control.


A good quality dry dog food, alongside a nutritious homemade diet, is all that is needed to keep them physically fit and mentally rejuvenated.

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