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  1. Lori says:

    I’m looking to buy a puppy. Boerboel can you give me some information on who to contact. I love in Oregon.

  2. J. McD says:

    I live in California and i recently came across a beautiful female puppy. I wasn’t looking for a new dog as my R. Ridgeback\mastiff mix passed on a few months ago. The guy who had the puppies strangly enough had my pit at his house for a week when he ran off. I went there for another reason, but when i saw her she had to come home with me. Now the guy said her daddy was called a Zeus Ruckus and brendal pit, golden lab and his daddy was pure bread from So. Africa. So have you heard of this bread? I looked at alot of pictures and the one with the 2 puppies (1 lying down & 1 standing together) looks just like Blue. She was 8 weeks when i got her weighing 9 1\2 lbs now a month later about 25lbs. She is very smart and fearless wakes up jaws going and steels almost one of every shoe in the house, sneeky. Her mom is a Blue tick hound no pointy ears for her! Lol So i was hoping i could ask for more info. On the breed and more photos. Oh ya and training tips, defiant and stubborn she is, eat everything in her path and starting a bad habit of jumping and snipping at faces, not gonna have either. And do they really have to shit 4-5 piles daily? At least she is making
    It outside now

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