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The Bo-Dach, also known as the Boston Doxie Terrier, is a breed of small dogs produced because of a cross between the Boston Terrier and the Dachshund purebred dogs. It has a small, compact, and muscular body with short, well-proportioned legs, a pointed tail, round head, and black eyes and nose. Its ears are quite large that are generally droopy though they might stand erect at times.

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Quick Information

Other NamesBoston Terrier-Dachshund Mix, Boston-Weenie
CoatShort, tight, smooth
ColorBrown and white, black and white, black and brown, merle/spotted/brindle/speckled, chocolate/dark brown
Breed TypeCrossbreed
Group of BreedNon-sporting, Hounding
Lifespan10-13 years
Weight10-25 lbs (4.5-11.3 kg)
Size and HeightSmall; 12 inches tall
TemperamentAlert, energetic, loving, stubborn, aggressive
Good with ChildrenYes
Country Originated inUSA
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationDDKC, ACHC, IDCR, DRA

Video: Bo-Dach Puppies Playing

Temperament and Behavior

The Bo-Dach dog with its lively and affectionate nature is an extremely lovable family pet. It is truly a great companion as it bonds closely with its owner and pleases people of all ages with its appealing expression as well as amusing behaviors. Being an intelligent dog with a playful spirit, a Dachshund-Boston Terrier mix is expected to exhibit some mischief. While the Bo-Dach typically is even-tempered, it may show signs of aggression around other dogs if it feels that its territory is being trespassed. It can be suspicious of unfamiliar people by nature and is always watchful of anything that is out of the ordinary.



Bo-Dachs are quite energetic, and they love taking a walk or playing outdoors with their owners. An hour of regular walking is sufficient, but if you are short on time, you could play with your dog an occasional game of fetch. The Boston Doxie Terriers are relatively inactive indoors, which means they are an excellent choice for those living in apartments.


These dogs do not need special care and maintenance. Brush their coat every week using a firm-bristled brush and give them a bath when necessary. Their big, prominent eyes are prone to infections and should be checked for signs of irritation or redness. The risks of developing bacterial infections could be reduced by regularly washing their faces.

Health Problems

Like most crossbred dogs, the Bo-Dachs will get some of the diseases that are common in their parent breeds. Therefore, a dog owner should be mindful of eye disorders such as cataracts, cherry eye, and PRA; problems of bones and joints; deafness, epilepsy, canine diabetes mellitus, reverse sneezing, and allergies.


Your smart little Bo-Dach dog can learn quickly, but it needs short and motivational training sessions. Do not repeat the same set of instructions or make your pet overdo the same exercises, as this will induce boredom.

  • Housetraining: Keep your dog in a confined space, which can be either a room or a crate. Take it out in the morning and once every hour to the same place to potty train your pet. Gradually, your Bo-Dach will learn that it should go outside for doing its business.
  • Socialization: You can invite people over to your house to meet the dog. Request the visitors to feed your pet treats and praise it whenever it reacts in a confident and friendly manner.


Canned foods have high amounts of protein, but few fillers and preservatives. On the other hand, dry kibbles are good for your dog since they satisfy its urge to chew. Therefore, you can provide a healthy mix of wet and dry foods, which offer the right nutritional balance. The Bo-Dach needs 3/4-1.5 cups of dry kibble on a regular basis.

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  1. Michelle says:

    We have had our amazing BoDach mix for 13 years he is the most gentle pup. Loves everything and everyone. He has mostly Bo colour but is long. He is quite big people mistake him for a “Frenchie or pit bull pup or then they give up ”

    He’s quite ill now. He sure is a character

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