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  1. Jae says:

    I have a Bichon-Poo, I would not trade her for the world. She is my everything, she is very pleasant and caring. I used to have issues with my diabetes and would have episodes and she would never leave my side no matter what.

  2. Lorene Jones says:

    Hi, I would like to know if these dogs are for sell?

  3. robert raiente says:

    i have a bichon now he is just about 6 years old i just lost my french poodle on nov. 18th she was about 15 years old i need another doggie (bichon) for my co-co bear

  4. Stephen says:

    I’m seeking a multi colored bichonpoo female puppy – doesn’t need to be “purebred” in N Calif. Thanks!

  5. Angie Vo says:

    I’m looking for a Bichon mix poodle pup please contact me in in CA

  6. Heidi Anderson says:

    My beautiful bichpoo Fenway (age 11 3/4) died last week. He was a wonderful part of our family and we are devastated. At some point I would love to find another male puppy but need to find a reputable breeder. We live in Massachusetts. Thank you

  7. Walker Coe says:

    My Bichon Poodle doesn’t shed,he has red fur (well had),16yrs old,has a cataract in his right eye, and has 11 teeth left.

  8. Brian says:

    I love my bichon poo bailey so much

  9. Judy Fleming says:

    I just lost my bichon poo. He was a member of the family for 16 years and 8 months. He was the best dog ever. A rescue puppy. He was jet black. Would be interested in finding a new member although Scruffy could never be replaced.

  10. Jayne Wood says:

    Hi my Nikon/ poodle keeps hiccuping/ choking. Anybody else having this problem please?

  11. jay says:

    I am wondering if bichon poo has a double coat like bichon?
    I want to know my 8 weeks old brown bichon poo has a double coat or single coat.
    I hope she has single.

  12. Diane Carthew says:

    I am looking for a female bichpoo, white or apricot in color. I live on the glod coast & was wondering just where these puppies are located. I would like to view before I buy, so would like that arranged. Looking to buy before xmas.

  13. carla elliott says:

    We are interested in having a bichon poodle mix. Do you know who we might contact to get one?

  14. andrew hayden says:

    hello i have a bitch the father was a poodle and the mother was a bishon cross terrier does she still belong to the bishon family

  15. Regina Glover says:

    Hello, I am trying to get information on bichonpoo mixed with yorkie. I would like to know what size to expect, there temperments as well as training. If anyone can help me I would really appreciated it. I have a little girl that will soon be six months old.

  16. Luana Giaffreda says:

    Hallo, my name is luana. I’m from italy. i look to find a bichon Frisè black. Can you help me?
    Best reguards
    Luana Giaffreda

  17. Bonnie Eckard says:

    We are looking for a poodle/bichon mix. We lost our beloved bichon last January and are looking for a dog that will be loving and healthy. We would provide a wonderful home.

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