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Bichon Poo (Bichpoo)


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The Bichon Poo, a Bichon Poodle cross, is a designer dog that rose to popularity in Australia during the late 90s. These cute looking dogs are characterized with almond-shaped eyes, moderately long ears hanging around its head and a short, round muzzle similar to the Bichon Frise. Having a robust nature and pleasant disposition along with its non-shedding wooly coat, it is immensely suitable for families desiring a small, cuddly dog.

Bichon Poo (Bichon Frise Poodle Mix) Pictures

Quick Information

Also known asPoochon, Bichoodle, Bichon Poodle, Bichpoo, Bich-poo
CoatMedium, coarse, curly
ColorWhite, cream, black, blue, apricot
Breed TypeCrossbreed
Group (of Breed)Non-sporting
Lifespan12-15 years
Weight15-25 pounds
Height (size)
Small to Medium; 9-15 inches
TemperamentIntelligent, responsive, loyal, affectionate, energetic
Good with ChildYes
Litters4-5 puppies at a time
Health ConcernsYet uncertain
Originated inUSA
Competitive RegistrationACHC, DDKC, DRA, IDCR, DBR

Varieties of Poodle Bichon Mix

The variations are:

  1. The Toy Bichon poo,
  2. The Miniature or Mini Bichon poo.

The difference between these variants lies in their size, when full-grown. While the former weighs about 6 to 12 pounds, the weight of the latter is 13 to 18 pounds. By height, they stand between 9 and 14 inches.


Respectively, both the cheerful, cuddly, loving personality and the playful, intelligent and charismatic characteristics of the Bichon Frise and the Poodle have been inherited by this Poodle Bichon mix. Often, the adult dogs are noisy seeing or hearing things unusual, although not meant for attack, but to notify someone’s presence, thus being an excellent watchdog.



The moderately active, very small bichon poo do not need vigorous exercise, but taking them to a regular walk and allowing them to play, especially being crazy about reflections in the mirror, is enough. But increase the session-time if your pet lives mostly indoors.


Although not much maintenance is necessary for their very little hair loss, but their hair being long and curly gets entangled easily, hence they need regular brushing to retain a smooth coat, just like a haircut is, if it is too long, but by experienced hands (approximately every 6 to 8 weeks). Bathe them if only needed, but do keep an eye for ear infections and brush their teeth few times weekly to avoid tooth decay.

Health Problems

As a cross, bichon poo does not have much health issues, except genetic disorders and common dog diseases like ear problems and infections, PRA, epilepsy, diabetes, cataracts, allergies and other skin disorders. To avoid this, find a popular breeder that provides the health history of the dog’s parents.


Inheriting the intelligence of the Poodle, the Bichon Poodle puppies would be difficult to housetrain. You should also impart socialization and obedience training to your pets without being harsh and intolerant. In order to make the learning process interesting and fulfilling, you can incorporate positive reinforcement tricks.


Do not feed your dog with chocolate, grapes, raisins or onions. Feed them with the correct proportions of high-quality protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and fats. They also need vitamins, calcium and other minerals in their diet chart. Eliminate harmful additives or preservatives. Homemade dog foods that are cooked can contain brown rice, chicken or other types of red meats and a variety of green, yellow and orange vegetables. If you want to include raw foods, give your bichon poo skinless chicken or other lean meats, green and orange vegetables and bones as a part of their meals. Dry dog food is also readily available in the market, but that has to be high-quality, meant for small-size, moderately active dogs.

Interesting Facts

  • Bichon Poos are tolerant with other animals.
  • They make a good companion dog and love to be around its owner and his family.
  • Bichpoos possess double coat. The inner coat is soft and silky but the outer coat is bigger and curly.

25 responses to “Bichon Poo (Bichpoo)”

  1. Sandy Scott says:

    Sad to say my puppy passed away few months ago she was a bichon poo and I loved her very much she was with me 15 years so I am now looking for one or I can love again if you have one for sale would you let me know thank youI

  2. Mindy says:

    Looking for a bichonpoo mix

  3. Jae says:

    I have a Bichon-Poo, I would not trade her for the world. She is my everything, she is very pleasant and caring. I used to have issues with my diabetes and would have episodes and she would never leave my side no matter what.

  4. Lorene Jones says:

    Hi, I would like to know if these dogs are for sell?

  5. robert raiente says:

    i have a bichon now he is just about 6 years old i just lost my french poodle on nov. 18th she was about 15 years old i need another doggie (bichon) for my co-co bear

  6. Stephen says:

    I’m seeking a multi colored bichonpoo female puppy – doesn’t need to be “purebred” in N Calif. Thanks!

  7. Angie Vo says:

    I’m looking for a Bichon mix poodle pup please contact me in in CA

  8. Heidi Anderson says:

    My beautiful bichpoo Fenway (age 11 3/4) died last week. He was a wonderful part of our family and we are devastated. At some point I would love to find another male puppy but need to find a reputable breeder. We live in Massachusetts. Thank you

  9. Walker Coe says:

    My Bichon Poodle doesn’t shed,he has red fur (well had),16yrs old,has a cataract in his right eye, and has 11 teeth left.

  10. Brian says:

    I love my bichon poo bailey so much

  11. Judy Fleming says:

    I just lost my bichon poo. He was a member of the family for 16 years and 8 months. He was the best dog ever. A rescue puppy. He was jet black. Would be interested in finding a new member although Scruffy could never be replaced.

  12. Jayne Wood says:

    Hi my Nikon/ poodle keeps hiccuping/ choking. Anybody else having this problem please?

  13. jay says:

    I am wondering if bichon poo has a double coat like bichon?
    I want to know my 8 weeks old brown bichon poo has a double coat or single coat.
    I hope she has single.

  14. Diane Carthew says:

    I am looking for a female bichpoo, white or apricot in color. I live on the glod coast & was wondering just where these puppies are located. I would like to view before I buy, so would like that arranged. Looking to buy before xmas.

  15. carla elliott says:

    We are interested in having a bichon poodle mix. Do you know who we might contact to get one?

  16. andrew hayden says:

    hello i have a bitch the father was a poodle and the mother was a bishon cross terrier does she still belong to the bishon family

  17. Regina Glover says:

    Hello, I am trying to get information on bichonpoo mixed with yorkie. I would like to know what size to expect, there temperments as well as training. If anyone can help me I would really appreciated it. I have a little girl that will soon be six months old.

  18. Luana Giaffreda says:

    Hallo, my name is luana. I’m from italy. i look to find a bichon Frisè black. Can you help me?
    Best reguards
    Luana Giaffreda

  19. Bonnie Eckard says:

    We are looking for a poodle/bichon mix. We lost our beloved bichon last January and are looking for a dog that will be loving and healthy. We would provide a wonderful home.

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