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Berger Blanc Suisse


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Last updated: 18th October 2022

The Berger Blanc Suisse translating to the White Shepherd in English is a breed of herding dog originating in Switzerland. Well-muscled, agile, and strong, they are characterized by a chiseled head, long and robust muzzle, pointed, well-proportioned ears, almond-shaped, obliquely set eyes, and a bushy tail.

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Quick Information

Other namesWhite Swiss Shepherd Dog
CoatDouble coat of medium length…Undercoat: short, fine; Outer coat: dense, harsh
Breed typePurebred
GroupHerding dog
Average lifespan Approximately 12 to 13 years
Size (How big do they get)Medium
Height Male: 24 to 26 inches; Female: 22 to 24 inches
Weight Male: 66 to 88 lbs; Female: 55 to 77 lbs
Litter sizeApproximately 8 puppies
Behavioral traitsGentle, intelligent, affectionate, loyal, protective
Good with childrenYes
Barking tendencyLow (only when the need arises)
Shedding (Do they shed)Moderately high
Competitive Registration Qualification/ InformationFCI, NZKC, ANKC, KC (UK)

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History and Origin

Though they are said to be of the same origin of the German and White Shepherd dogs, the FCI has registered it as a distinct breed. When the German Shepherd had first been formed, all colors were acceptable, though, in the first half of the 20th century, white was excluded. In this way, the white German Shepherds gradually got separated and the White Shepherd Club for the first time was formed in America in the 1970s. Their popularity spread to several European countries, starting from Switzerland and then proceeding to Denmark as well as Germany. The white Shepherd dog gradually started getting acknowledged by the breed clubs in Europe. Lobo, a dog with a white coat born in 1966 in the United States, was the first of this breed to be registered and acknowledged in Switzerland. Other European countries to have recognized this breed are Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, and the Czech Republic. FCI and KC gave it official recognition in 2011 and 2017 respectively.

Temperament and Personality

Their friendly, gentle and affectionate nature makes them great family dogs. At the same time they are a great watch and guard dogs because of their protective nature towards their near and dear ones, thus being reserved towards strangers, though not aggressive like their German Shepherd parents. Because of their strong guarding instincts, they are often used as police dogs as well as rescue and search services. These dogs share a good rapport with children, emerging as their perfect playmates. They even have a comfortable equation with other canines and pets.



The Berger Blanc Suisse is an active breed and does well with a sufficient amount of exercise which may include a long walk on a regular basis alongside sufficient playtime in a dog park or fenced yard. You can also take your pet along when you are out on a jogging or running session. Making your pet participate in events like agility, rally, obedience, lure coursing and dock diving would equally help in keeping it physically as well as mentally energized.


They shed heavily during the shedding season, while throughout the year the hair keeps falling from their body at a constant rate. Hence you should make it a point to brush you Berger Blanc Suisse on a regular basis. Bathe it only when the need arises and also trim its nails, clean its eyes and ears as well as brush its teeth regularly.

Health Problems

Though a strong and hardy breed, some of the health issues that it may commonly face are elbow and hip dysplasia, bloat, allergies, problems of the coat and skin, eye conditions, and megaesophagus.


  • Like every other dog, obedience training is essential for them too, and you need to teach your pet, basic commands like “stop,” “no,” “sit,” and “come.”
  • Though they have a friendly nature, socializing your dog by acquainting it with different kinds of people and experiences will help your dog understand what a threat to it is and what is not.


Dry dog food of a good quality combined with a nutritious homemade diet is what they need to stay in the best of health. If you intend to put them on a raw diet them consult your vet at first.

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