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The Beauceron is a large-sized breed with a robust body stature and a muscular, yet graceful appearance. Categorized as guard and herding dogs, this breed has a long-chiseled head, broad muzzle, half pricked ears, a thick J-shaped tail, double dew claws forming well-separated thumbs and brown, oval-shaped eyes that give it a frank, confident look. Earning the nickname Bas Rouge which means red stockings because of the red markings on its feet, these dogs are famous for their guarding and watching skills.

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Quick Information

Other namesFrench Shorthaired Shepherd, Beauce Sheepdog, Berger de Beauce, Bas Rouge, Beauce Shepherd
CoatOuter coat: Harsh
Undercoat: Soft, silky, woolly which gets thick during the cold weather
ColorBlack and tan; black and rust; Harlequin; grey, black and tan
GroupHerding dogs, Gundogs
Lifespan/ Life Expectancy10-12 years
HeightMale: 25.5-27.5 inches
Female: 24-26.5 inches
Weight70-110 pounds
Litter size6-7 puppies
Behavioral Characteristics Calm, intelligent, gentle, fearless
Good with childrenYes
Climate Compatibility Can survive even in cold winters because of its weatherproof coat
Shedding (Does it shed)Average
Competitive Registration Qualification/ InformationFCI, AKC, ACA, DRA, APRI, ACR, NABC, NKC, UKC, NAPR

Video of 12 week-old Beauceron Puppies


Though rare in the United States of America, these herding dogs of French origin not just evolved in Beauce after which it has taken its name, but throughout the entire region of northern France.  The oldest records of the Beauceron were found in the manuscripts during the Renaissance in 1578.  They were even instrumental in the creation of the Doberman Pinscher.

In fact, the Beauceron and Briard may be different in appearance but are said to have a similar lineage, also having the double dewclaws in common, with both of them used for herding purpose. Veterinarian Pierre Megnin, differentiated these breeds, with the short-coated varieties identified as the Beauceron and the long-coated being called the Briard. Dr. Megnin even took up the initiative of setting the breed standard of the Beauceron, with the Club des Amis du Beauceron  formed in the year 1922 under his guidance.  It appeared for the first time in the dog show of the Westminster Club in the year 2008.

Used for guarding and herding cattle as well as sheep, these dogs have a calm approach towards herding and can tend the sheep without frightening them.  Being an active messenger in both the wars, the Beauceron is presently employed in the French police and army.

 Temperament and Personality

These athletic dogs have a versatile personality as their calm, obedient, loyal and gentle disposition is combined with their fearless, watchful nature as well as their ability to predict danger, thus making them capable of doing police work efficiently.

Because of their guarding instincts, they treat strangers with suspicion on encountering them for the first time but would be cordial with them the moment they get a cue from their masters.

They would get along well with children, particularly the older ones, who can treat it respectfully. However, parental supervision is needed, as these herding dogs can nip at kids.

They may be fine with indoor cats and dogs if they are brought up with them, though they could be inclined to chasing outdoor cats and other furry animals because of their increased prey drive.

Though they can sleep outside if you want them to guard your house, they are much comfortable when raised within the family. Keep them engaged in some activity of the other as a bored Beauceron may resort to destructive strategies.



These active and energetic dogs have a high exercise requirement on a daily basis, being contented when provided with different kinds of activities each day and also taken to new locations. A long walk alongside sufficient playtime in a fenced yard would help to keep it physically and mentally energized. Take it out on a leash keeping its chasing and herding instincts in mind.


Since it has a short, double coat, it has less minimal grooming needs, with a weekly brushing being sufficient for it. However, during the shedding season that may occur two times in a year, it needs to be brushed regularly using a medium-sized bristle brush, hound glove or rubber grooming tool for dead hair removal before it scatters all over your furniture. Bathe it in every three-four months or whenever it gets dirty.  Other grooming needs include trimming its nails, brushing its teeth as well as cleaning its ears and eyes for infection.

Health Problems

Some of the common health problems they suffer from include bloating, hip dysplasia, eye problems, heart disease, and allergies.


Training these herding dogs might be a challenge, thus requiring an experienced owner who can handle it firmly.

Socialization: Give it socialization training since the time it is a puppy. Make it meet different people and acquaint it with various experiences so that it may be able to differentiate the good from the bad.

Obedience: Training it in commands like “stop,” “go,” and “come,” so that it may listen to you and stop any undesirable activities like chasing prey or nipping.


Feed them with high-quality dry dog food, and you may additionally include homemade food to keep it in good health. These working dogs have high nutritional requirements, though make sure not to overfeed them as it could make your pet obese.

Interesting Facts

  • Beauceron appeared in several films like Marmaduke (as Bosco), Hotel for Dogs (Henry), and even in the movie Moonraker.

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  1. Carole Vander Missen says:

    Have a young Beauceron rescued 11 months ago. He exhibits dog aggression at training classes. Not getting any help through rescue club’s classes. Am an experienced obedience trainer/shower. Need help to get rid of dog aggression.

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