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  1. Bev Smith says:

    Bowling Green, Glasgow KENTUCKY area.

    6 Beagle Bulls available ; 4 girls, 2 boys. (currently 6 weeks)
    contact at barrenpuppies@gmail.com

    Mother – American Pitbull Terrier
    Father – Beagle / Blue Heeler

    Healthy homes, these are living beings, not toys.

  2. Linda Cawley says:

    I am looking for a beagle pitbull mix puppy. Male or female. We lost our beloved Bailey 3 years ago , she was 13 years old. I can still not get over her loss. She was incredible! Any information would be helpful. I live in the Lehigh valley ,PA.

  3. April Biddle says:

    Just had 11 BeagleBulls. Gorgeous. Small. I am located in southeastern Ky. Anyone interested may call between 10 am- to 9pm. 941-525-3161. I am supplementing there feeding since such a large litter for my pit and her beagle boyfriend that know one has claimed so I have kept him. I am not a breeder but have studied up to make sure pups are healthy. You may also email. Free pups. Thank you. And yes you will be interviewed some before I hand out a pup🐶

  4. Patrick Deceglia says:

    Hi my name is Pat interested in a puppy.male,please.you can contact me at 631 618 5138 ty you.Recently lost our dog.heartbroken.

  5. Robin Carpenter says:

    Looking for a beagle pit puppy that is dark in color male and would like to know the cost please

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