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Last updated: 18th October 2022

The Beagi is a designer dog, created by crossing the Beagle and the Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Having a unique appearance, highly inspired by the physical features of both parents, these dogs have dark brown eyes that are round in shape, drooping ears resembling that of a Beagle as well as a long tail which might slightly curl in an upward direction. However, their tail remains straight and erect when they are attentively concentrating on a particular thing, another trait obtained from their Beagle parent. Those who are more genetically inclined to the Corgi might display white stripes running from the nose and eyes to their forehead.

Beagi (Corgi-Beagle Mix) Pictures

Quick Information

CoatSoft, Dense, Thick, Short, Weather Proof
ColorRed, Brown, White, Black, Black and Tan, Lemon, Orange, Red, Tricolor, Blonde, Sable
Breed TypeCrossbreed
Group (of Breed)Hounding, Herding
Lifespan12 to 15 years
Weight10 to 20 pounds
TemperamentIntelligent, Loyal, Friendly, Lively, Alert, Patient, Sociable
Good with ChildrenYes
BarkingLets out a howl occasionally
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationACHC, DRA

Beagi (Beagle Corgi Mix) Puppy Video

Temperament and Personality

Having a pleasing and friendly disposition, the Beagi has inherited its intelligence from both parents. They show a great deal of loyalty to their family, always eager to please their master in every possible way. These amicable dogs share a strong rapport with children, elderly people, as well as other family members, being immensely protective about them just like the Corgi.  Just like their parents, they too might be cautious when unknown people are around, which can be overcome with a proper upbringing. In the company of any strange or unfamiliar animal they can get very protective and territorial.

The strong hunting and smelling instincts of their parents inherent in them, make them avid participators in agility and tracking activities. They are ideal family pets owing to their lively nature and high energy levels.



The Beagi like the Corgi is prone to obesity, thus regular exercise and brisk walks are needed to keep them in good health. As they cope well in apartments, a host of indoor games may even be introduced to keep them occupied and entertained as lack of any physical activity induces boredom and destructiveness in them.


Brushing their coats regularly minimizes shedding also keeping their coats clean and soft. Bathe them when required and keep their eyes, ears and teeth clean to prevent infection.

Health Problems

Some health concerns transmitted to them through their parents include epilepsy, back, and joint disorders as well as allergies.


You might spot the stubbornness of a Beagle or Corgi in this breed. Thus, a firm but patient trainer is required to develop its personality in a proper way through positive reinforcement rather than implementing harsh techniques. Socialization and obedience training should be given to Beagi puppies to help them get along well with people and all pets. You may even leash train them to keep them in control when taken outdoors. Groom them well if you want them to take part in agility sports.


They are to be given about three-fourth to one and a half cup of dry dog food every day. Apart from this make sure their diet comprises of essential nutrients required to keep them healthy, though overfeeding will make them obese, increasing their chances of suffering from several diseases.

Interesting Facts

  • Daisy, a Corgi-Beagle mix was recently killed in Ohio by a Pit-Bull mix, when the latter broke off its leash entering into its neighbor’s place, brutally attacking the other dog.

8 responses to “Beagi”

  1. corgie says:

    The breed Beagle is not considered as “hypoallergenic because this breed sheds a lot.

    The Beagle dog needs its eyes, ears, and teeth checked often for allergies or infections like other breeds also make sure that Its coat requires brushing 2-3 times a week.

    Stubbornness and not listening might bring a bit hard training of a Corgi might get the best of your pup. Commands like sit and stay may take longer, as said before the pup is a bit stubborn we have to maintain a patient and calm presence. Start training as soon as possible to avoid a nippy and anxious Beagle Corgi pup.

    1 ½ cups of dry dog food every day has to be fed for a Corgi Beagle Mix.

  2. Margo Jannuzi says:

    Some years back I adopted a senior Corgi Beagle who had been shelter stray. He was just the sweetest little old dog; would love to have another. Senior dogs are my favorite. I adopt pets age ten and up only.

  3. Crystal says:

    We adopted a dog that appears to be a beagle/corgi mix a couple of years ago. Our Bella has been a constant source of laughter, entertain and frustration and irritation 🙂 We adore her! However, we refer to her as a “beorgi” rather than a beagi.

  4. Karen Johnson says:

    I and my husband lost our little man in January, we had him for over 13yrs, our home hasn’t been the same as we are disabled and our little man, he kept us going, the grieving is overwhelming, so we are going to try and get another, he was the bestest of all, best companion

  5. Heinz says:

    Jo, saufen!

  6. Jeanne Fujii says:

    Please tell me his history of this dog and how old it is? Is it available and what is the cost please. thank you so much.

    Please call me at 206 526-0879 (home)

    Cell (206) 551-5101

  7. Jeanne Fujii says:

    I have been looking for a dog for a while. I like the look of this one

  8. Jeanne Fujii says:

    Hello, I have been looking for a affectional dog. And I like the look of this one.

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