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  1. Margo Jannuzi says:

    Some years back I adopted a senior Corgi Beagle who had been shelter stray. He was just the sweetest little old dog; would love to have another. Senior dogs are my favorite. I adopt pets age ten and up only.

  2. Crystal says:

    We adopted a dog that appears to be a beagle/corgi mix a couple of years ago. Our Bella has been a constant source of laughter, entertain and frustration and irritation 🙂 We adore her! However, we refer to her as a “beorgi” rather than a beagi.

  3. Karen Johnson says:

    I and my husband lost our little man in January, we had him for over 13yrs, our home hasn’t been the same as we are disabled and our little man, he kept us going, the grieving is overwhelming, so we are going to try and get another, he was the bestest of all, best companion

  4. Heinz says:

    Jo, saufen!

  5. Jeanne Fujii says:

    Please tell me his history of this dog and how old it is? Is it available and what is the cost please. thank you so much.

    Please call me at 206 526-0879 (home)

    Cell (206) 551-5101

  6. Jeanne Fujii says:

    I have been looking for a dog for a while. I like the look of this one

  7. Jeanne Fujii says:

    Hello, I have been looking for a affectional dog. And I like the look of this one.

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