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  1. christina says:

    Looking for a beagador puppy in northern cali, email me where I can fin tina08_2000@yahoo.com

  2. Logan says:

    Does anyone have any upcoming beagador puppies? Or know anyone breeding them? Looking to purchase one around spring time.

  3. Ashley Probasco says:

    Hi I am looking for a breeder or somewhere I can get this dog. I had one growing up and loved that dog. He was loyal and loved to roam and be outside perfect family dog. Can someone please help?? my email is aabb.boys@yahoo.com

  4. Terri Leach says:

    I adopted a 4 month beagle, lab mix and he was potty trained in 3 weeks. We crate trained him. He is 9 months old now and I can leave him out in the house with his sister for 4 hrs at a time. He’s a great dog. So sweet and loving. Spoiled.

  5. Evelyn says:

    We got an 9 week old beagel lab mix six weeks ago! And reading these comments I can see I am not alone. The hardest dog I have ever house broken! I know he is smart because I can say let’s go potty and he goes right to the door and sits and waits for me to leash him. My front yard is not fenced. I brag and pet when he goes potty and give him a little treat. But he still does not seem to get it. He will go in the house whenever the mood hits him. Sometimes he goes to the door and whines but most of the time he just goes! Puppy pads or news paper does not work because he makes them into toys! What I want to know is how long does it actually take? Will this adorable little guy ever be house broken?

    • Mar says:

      I recently adopted 2 beagle lab mixes, and also have some issues with going in the house. The most important thing for my two is sticking to a strict schedule of bathroom breaks. They go out at 8AM, 1PM, 6PM and ~9PM. If one of these times are missed they’ll end up going in the house.

    • Liz says:

      My lord, sounds like my Venus. She will potty outside, the pads and the floors. Refuses to listen. Has torn up several things. I may have to look into professional training after reading this.

    • John Adam says:

      I am looking for Labbe puppies (first generation). Any additional information will be appreciated. I am in Northern California.

  6. Taelor says:

    i picked up a 8 week old puppy on the side of a busy road 3 years ago and come to find out she’s a first gen beagador and she is hands down the most AMAZING doggo i’ve ever had. she’s so loyal, gentle and loving. she’s very needy when it comes to wanting attention but all around an amazing pup! highly recommend breed!

  7. Matt says:

    If you own a Beagador, get a doggie door installed. Make sure you have a fenced yard or plenty of countryside for them to roam. Make sure the bottom of the fence is dig proof! Or install and train with dog fence. Fenced yards should be at least 6ft tall. These dogs can jump! They can climb brick walls using their claws. Mine is 14yrs old now and only mellowed out 4 yrs ago.

  8. Traudie Koenig says:

    Interested in a beagador Half lab half beagle. What website should I go on

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am looking for Labbe puppies (first generation). Any additional information will be appreciated

    • Kevin says:

      I have a AKC Black Lab female in heat now. Considering breeding to Full Blood Beagle Sire. Would you be interested in the puppies if I do this breeding?

    • John Borooah says:

      I have labbe puppy 40days old him. white in colour so if u want to buy then call me 7577827061

  10. Anonymous says:

    Where can can I buy a Lab/BeagleMix? Does anyone know?

    • Angela Hart says:

      My brother Dan Ursry (first Comment) has a 3yr old that just had puppies on Nov.12. you can contact him at ursrydaniel@gmail.com or myself at angelahart65@yahoo.com

    • Dan ursry says:

      I have puppies that will be ready around the 1st of 2017.i have six females,and three males.six chocolates,and three blacks.all have some white on them in various spots.both parents are here at my house if you would like to see them.you can text me at 530-526-3510.im in northern california.

    • Mellonee says:

      Hi! I have 9 Beagador’s that will be 8 weeks old and ready for their forever home on 6-25-17! 5 males 3 females! All puppies will be UTD on shots and worming. If your interested in purchasing please contact me at 270-230-2540.

    • Loretta says:

      Facebook, a Lady has 3 it looks like. She’s going to take them to pound if she can’t get rid of them 🙁 Name is Sissie McGuire. Her Facebook page has a little girl on her page.

  11. Robin says:

    I am having such a difficult time house training our Bergdorf. He just don’t get it. We thought that letting him out often with our other dogs that it would help. He can be outside for 30 minutes then 5 minutes later go inside.

    • Jenn says:

      Did you ever have any luck with this!

    • Allison says:

      We recently rescued a Beagador and are having the same problem with house training. How have you handled it?

    • Ivonne Guerreiro says:

      I am fostering a 3 year old begador and he has had quite a few ”accidents” in the house. I too take him out and walk for about 30 min, as soon as we get in the house he goes. He even peed on my cats crate…. I have never had an issue with house training my Stafforshire Terrier. She never has any accidents, even now that she is a 9 year old dog.

      So to answer your question, it been about a week now since we had any accidents, I take him out every 2 hours and put him in a crate for about a half hour. I take him out and let him around the house for about an hour and a half. I take him out again and he empties right away as soon as i get him out.

      If I am leaving the house to run errand i make sure i put him in his crate along with a kong toy to keep him entertained. I dont leave him more than 4 hours alone. so when i get back I take him out outside right away. This has been working for me. I still dont trust him to leave him to roam the house free.

  12. Dan Ursry says:

    Very informative article,you described my dog to a T!i have a three year old lab/beagle cross.in my opinion she is the most intelligent dog i have ever owned,and the most loyal.she love the family but she is definitely my dog and wants to be anywhere i am.i recommend this breed to anyone that has a place this breed can run,they can really move for as short as they are.tons of energy and will keep you on your toes if you dont watch them.

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