Jags Goldie
Last updated: 22nd October 2022

Basset Retriever


Jags Goldie
Last updated: 22nd October 2022

The Basset Retriever, a breed of medium-sized dog, is the offspring produced as a result of a cross breeding between a Basset Hound and a Golden Retriever. It has a long and sturdy structure with a large muzzle, dark round-shaped eyes, short legs, and long, floppy ears. Like its parent breeds, it has a great sense of smell making it useful for tracking and hunting. It can also do well in competitive obedience and agility since it is a natural athlete with plenty of vigor.

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Quick Information

Other names Basset Vertier, Basset Hound-Golden Retriever Mix
Coat Smooth, soft, shiny, straight; dense enough to withstand all kinds of weather
Color Light brown/golden, dark brown/chocolate, brown and white, black
Breed Type Crossbreed
Group of Breed Hounding, Sporting
Lifespan 8-12 years
Weight 40-70 lbs (18-32 kg)
Size and Height Medium; Male: 13-20 inches
Female: 10-12 inches
Size of Litter 4-5 puppies
Shedding Moderate
Temperament Calm, gentle, affectionate, energetic
Hypoallergenic No
Good with Children Yes
Barking Quiet
Country Originated in France
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information DRA, DDKC, DBR, ACHC, IDCR

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Temperament and Behavior

Sweetness, calmness, and friendliness are the distinguished traits of this breed. The mild-natured Basset Retrievers are never inclined to irritability or marked by anger. Instead, they are always eager to help and please their owners. They enjoy the company of children and adults and live in harmony with other household pets. Though these dogs are quiet and peaceful indoors, they are alert enough to warn and protect their masters from impending dangers.

They are the happiest when interacting or playing with their owners. Do not leave them alone persistently for long periods, as it could make them stubborn and develop unwanted behavior. In such cases, keeping a fellow pet dog for company might help.



The playful and active Golden Retriever Basset Hound mix needs a fair amount of regular exercise to expend its energy. A long walk on the leash and a romp in a fenced yard will keep it from getting overly fatty. You may also try tossing a ball, which it will retrieve happily. Do not encourage the puppies to jump from a high position since it might put stress on the joints and hurt its back and legs.


It does not need frequent baths, but a gentle rub with a brush and a coarse cloth is necessary to keep its fur in good condition. Also, weekly brushing is recommended to keep all its dead hairs away. Its long, hanging ears are prone to ear infections, and can get dirty too. Use an ear cleaner solution to clean its inner ear once a week. The dirt can be removed by wiping the outside of its ears with a moist cloth. Moreover, brush its teeth regularly and trim its nails every month.

Health Problems

Since crossbreeds can suffer from hereditary diseases, it is prudent to always keep an eye on some common health concerns such as hip dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s Disease, allergies, obesity, and problems of eyelashes and eyelids.


It is important for your pet to learn to communicate with unfamiliar dogs as well as with unfamiliar people. Early socialization will teach your Basset Retriever social skills. Make sure that you adopt a patient and consistent training method while house training your dog. Obedience training is also necessary to help it learn to respond to commands like sit, stay, come, down, heel, etc.


Given a chance, it is likely that your pet will overeat. Therefore, it is advisable to measure its food depending on its age, size, and activity level. A regular amount of 1.5-3 cups of dog food split into two meals is sufficient.

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  1. Carol Fitzpatrick says:

    I would like info on shedding. Thanks

  2. Napawan Case says:

    Where can I find a young male golden brown Basset Vertier? I had one for ten years. He passed 2 years ago. Our home is in Tallahassee, Florida 32308.

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