List of Popular Basset Hound Mixes

Regardless of its hunting ancestry, the Basset Hound is a people-lover and is incredibly affectionate with children, making an excellent playing companion. The mixes produced by crossing a Basset Hound with other purebreds would typically possess the calm and peaceful temperament of Bassets, alongside the physical and personality traits of its other parent. These crosses also have great stamina and need regular exercise.

Basset Hound Mixes

1. Bagle Hound (Beagle X Basset Hound)

Owing to its devotion, dedication, medium size, social instincts, and minimal grooming needs, the Bagle Hound is considered an ideal family companion.


2. Bassador (Basset Hound X Labrador Retriever)

It has short legs and sad, expressive eyes like its Basset parent while having the friendly disposition of a Lab.

Corgi Basset

3. Corgi Basset (Welsh Corgi X Basset Hound)

Famous for its friendly nature, the Corgi Basset makes an alert, intelligent, and versatile family companion.

4. Basschshund (Basset Hound X Dachshund)

The Basset Hound-Dachshund mix’s personality is described as energetic, intelligent, gentle, and occasionally stubborn.

5. Basset Shepherd (Basset Hound X German Shepherd)

Its alert and courageous nature along with wariness of strangers make it an excellent watchdog with good guarding skills.

6. Bassetoodle (Basset Hound X Poodle)

It enjoys human companionship and would follow its people to get their love and affection.

7. Basset Retriever (Basset Hound X Golden Retriever)

Friendliness, sweetness, and calmness are the personality characteristics that distinguish this mild-natured designer dog.

Bully Basset

8. Bully Basset (Bulldog X Basset Hound)

A reasonably active designer dog that loves to play, the Bully Basset can adapt to living in both an apartment and a house with a yard.


9. Bassky (Basset Hound X Siberian Husky)

It is a family companion that can have an independent streak and is challenging for inexperienced owners.

Rottie Basset

10.Rottie Basset (Rottweiler X Basset Hound)

It is a short-legged, muscular designer dog displaying strength and stamina, alongside possessing an affectionate heart.

11. Bassugg (Basset Hound X Pug)

It thrives on human interaction and needs to spend time with its family members for staying happy.

Hush Basset

12. Hush Basset (Cocker Spaniel X Basset Hound)

It is an affectionate dog that loves to be at the center of attention and pleases people with its playful antics.

Basset Heeler

13. Basset Heeler (Basset Hound X Blue Heeler)

A tenacious and energetic designer dog, the Basset Heeler needs both physical and mental stimulation to stop boredom.

Bullbasset Mastiff

14. Bullbasset Mastiff (Basset Hound X Bullmastiff)

It makes an excellent apartment dog because of its gentle behavior but will protect its owner at the sight of danger.

Apart from the popular mixes mentioned above, breeders produce several crosses by mating Basset Hound with other purebreds including Pit Bull Terrier, Shar-Pei, Chihuahua, Border Collie, Bloodhound, Great Dane, Dalmatian, Jack Russell Terrier, Shih Tzu, Boston Terrier, Catahoula Leopard Dog, Saint Bernard, and Coonhound.

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