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  1. Sam Hall says:

    I lost my beautiful Kelpie (some have asked me over the years if he had Shepherd in him) on Saturday afternoon. He was 13.5 yrs old. I am shattered by my loss. He was a beautiful, gentle boy who was so loyal and loved me and I, him. he was incredibly smart but had slowed down in the last 12 months and had some ageing ailments.
    The tragedy of it is I accidentally ran him over in the driveway, I didn’t see him at all. My grief and guilt is overwhelming. He was the best dog in the world and I miss him terribly. RIP MANU BOY xx forever in my heart.

  2. Lisa says:

    I am looking for a Kelpie mix with border collie or smaller breed I want to find reputable breeders. any suggestions

  3. Cathie Olson says:

    Last year, I adopted a dog that had been abused for much of her first year of life. The shelter said she was a Cattle Dog. But, in researching further, though, I do think she’s a mix, I’m pretty certain the predominate breed is Australian Kelpie. She has pretty much all the physical markings (including the ruff around the neck, and, I LOVE how easy her coat is, to care for!), though, she doesn’t have the large, pointed ears, her face is mostly golden, with kind of a widow’s peak of black, in the middle of her forehead, continuing to a bit to each side, in front of her ears, and, her tail is much curlier than most pics and descriptions I’ve seen.

    Ironically, because she’s an abused rescue, the shelter wanted her placed with someone who could be around her most of the time. I’m disabled (Fibromyalgia, and some disc problems in my neck), and, I do live in a suburban setting. But, as the past year has gone by (adopted her 9/20 last year, and, she’ll be 2, 10/18), though she’s improved HUGELY, from that scared of so many things, ready to defend herself, at all times, pup, I still can’t totally trust her not to be triggered by something, and react, by barking aggressively, or, even worse, snarling and snapping. I don’t think she’ll ever be able to be around kids, other than quick intros with a treat, and, I have to always be aware of any men around us (it was the bf who abused her; we have a general description, but, she will go after some men that are nothing like the description!). She has never bitten anybody, and, I work with her constantly, to keep it that way. Her behavior gets better and better every day. I take her to the dog park, so she can run, and socialize, which she loves. I’m also training her to be my service dog. She does the service part great. It’s just, if I can’t get her to a point where I can be absolutely certain she won’t be triggered, I’ll have to give up on that. Though, she can still help me as a service dog at home, and elsewhere. She helps steady me, and, picks things up for me, as it’s hard for me to bend and pick things up, w/o losing my balance.

    Despite all the challenges, I am so very glad this little girl came into my life!

    Thank you for this page, it has quite a bit of information on the breed!

    I wish I could post a pic here!

  4. Amy says:

    I’m looking for pics of what a kelpie x mini poodle would look like grown up…. does anyone have any idea where I could find some info on this mix ?

  5. Lyle Collins says:

    I’m looking at developing a start-up company and I am thinking of developing a logo by significantly modifying your photo
    https://www.101dogbreeds.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Australian-Kelpie-Photos.jpg (kelpie pup with one ear upright and one ear flopped down). Would you give me permission to do that?

    Kind regards,

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