4 responses to “Aussiedoodle (Aussiepoo)”

  1. Nancy Wikstrom says:

    Looking for a small mini Susie mix.

  2. Sariah Meagle says:

    If Aussiedoodles has a rabbit-like soft coat as you mentioned, I think my niece would greatly like the pet she’ll get if she has one as a puppy. I’ll see if there are any for sale that is toy-sized as you pointed out which is the perfect size for her. Since you said that they are a sociable dog, she’ll love the puppy as long it came from the right breeder.

  3. MerriJo Samayoa says:

    Hello all!

    My family has recently started breeding Golden Aussies (golden retriever/Australian shepherd) puppies, and were wondering if there was any interest in a few Aussiedoodle litters.

    You can check us out by going to our website: thornfieldgoldens.com

    Let us know what your are interested in by leaving us a comment our shooting us an email!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Aussiedoodle Puppies!

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