Can Dogs Eat Noodles

It is a common tendency for dogs to get attracted to human food and attempt a grab at their master’s plate to get a taste of it. Noodles are one such food that makes their taste buds licking. Eating a small quantity of plain, home-cooked noodles would not be harmful enough for your canine pet. It is not recommended to give them the uncooked ones as they may be difficult to digest, whereas spicy noodles or the ones soaked in tomato sauce are also not a healthy option due to the high content of garlic and onion.

Can dogs be given:

Buckwheat or soba noodles: Buckwheat being nutritious and gluten free is a good choice for dogs with grains allergies. You can give your pet, occasional treats of soba noodles prepared from buckwheat flour, though the amount should be moderate.

Similar to soba, shirataki is also a traditional Japanese noodle which your dog may love. Though it is low in calories, sugar, and gluten, dogs might face digestion problem because of the presence of soluble fiber in it named glucomannan.

Egg noodles: Being a valuable source of vitamins, proteins, iron and minerals eggs can be added to the plain noodles, though make sure they are cooked well as eating raw ones ( eggs) may increase the risk of your dog to get an attack of salmonella.

Chicken noodles: You can add pieces of boiled chicken to the homemade noodles. Some people are even keen to give their pets canned chicken noodles soup which would not be too good a choice because of the high sodium content present in it.

Udon noodles: In recent times a Japanese company has manufactured a variety of Udon noodles especially for dogs, made of wheat flour, being low on calories as well as containing a small amount of sodium. Since they go well with broth, a packet of dashi (class of soup) comes along with the noodles. However, do not make it a part of its staple diet.

Instant noodles: These noodles should not be given to dogs because of the high salt content and flavored powder. However, if your dog has mistakenly swallowed one or two strands from your plate do not get worried, rather observe its behavior and consult a vet if you find anything unusual.

Spaghetti noodles: Cooked spaghetti noodles in little amounts occasionally may be a pleasing treat for dogs, though making it a regular part of his diet may prove harmful for him.

We can conclude by saying that though noodles would not be toxic for the canines, give your dog one to two spoonfuls at a time rather than feeding them with a whole cup or pot of it. In case you notice any symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, allergic eruptions, or anything which does not seem to be normal contact your vet at the earliest.

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