Can Dogs Eat Crab Meat

Dogs can be given freshly cooked crab meat in a moderate amount either in the form of treats or as a part of their kibble if they are not allergic to sea foods. Being high in Vitamin B12, crab is beneficial especially for dogs with pancreatic insufficiency while its rich protein content facilitates the energy-building process.

However, avoid feeding a dog raw or canned crab meat as the former may be infested with bacteria while the latter is coated with preservatives which lower its nutritional value.

Prepare it in a simple way rather than making special recipes like crab cakes or chips, as seasoning it with garlic or onion or adding too much of salt to it may have an adverse effect on the dog’s diet.

Can dogs eat crab shells

Do not give your dog crab shells as they are not easily digestible. Moreover, the hard shells might even get stuck in their throat resulting in choking hazards.

Are dogs allowed crab sticks

The crab sticks available at the stores are not the real crabs. Their main component surimi, made from fish meat, is high in salt, also loaded with a lot of additives as well as artificial colorings. Thus, these imitation crab sticks are not a healthy food choice for your pet dog.

How much crab meat to give dogs

Start with a small serving say about one to two spoons and monitor your dog carefully.

Some dogs might be allergic to iodine that is present in high amounts in crab meat. Therefore, if he is vomiting, wheezing or showing certain symptoms of allergy such as diarrhea, watery nose, lethargy or rashes, that may be visible within five hours of feeding, do not give him anymore of it and consult the vet immediately.

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