Can Dogs Eat Barley

Barley an essential cereal grain is one of the common ingredients in dry dog food of a high quality. Though it is not known to provide any additional benefits when given individually to dogs, they would not do them any harm when given in moderate amounts.

What kind of barley can dogs eat

Barley grass: It would not be harmful to your dog unless eaten in large amounts. Apart from being high in antioxidants, it also facilitates the digestion process as well as act as a natural laxative in case your pet is suffering from constipation. Some pet stores sell it under the name of “cat grass”. It is also said to be a good diet choice for dogs with cancer though sufficient studies have not yet been provided.

Powdered and tablet forms of barley grass are available in the markets, though consult your vet prior to giving them to your dog.

Barley soup: A soup made of barley along with vegetables like carrots, potato and tomato can be given as a treat, though do not exceed more than one or two spoonfuls at a time.

Pearled barley: This is a polished form of barley where the outer hull and bran has been removed. It is said to be a wonderful substitute for oat bran or brown rice because it is a complex carbohydrate. It is also low on glycemic index level owing to its high fiber content, thus being in the list of foods that are beneficial for minimizing chances of diabetes in dogs.

Barley water: Prepared by soaking barley in fresh water for approximately four hours, and straining the water, it may serve as a great tonic for dogs recovering from a certain illness or surgery, or even exhausted after a tedious exercise regime. Barley water is also said to work well for dogs suffering from kidney ailments as it facilitates proper urinary function. Adding half of the prepared water to half amount of carrot and apple juice would be a cherished and healthy option for dogs.

If you are preparing barley tea, refrain from giving it to your dog as they do not need it, however, if he licks some of it spilt on the floor mistakenly it might not harm him.

Barley soup prepared by mixing other vegetables would be a good treat option for your four-legged friend though in limited amounts.

Barley flour being rich in fiber, also having a sweeter taste than the wheat ones can be considered as one of the ingredients for preparing homemade dog biscuits.

Thus, in conclusion,giving the canine pets barley as a part of their dog food, an ingredient in dog biscuits or in combination with other cereal grains like rice, lentils and rye, would not do much harm.

If you desire your dog to get a considerable amount of this cereal grain because of its high fiber content, then avail dog foods having barley and meat proteins as their component, though with a specialist’s advice.

However, regular and increased consumption may bring in adverse health hazards. If you notice any unusual symptoms in your dog like vomiting, diarrhea etc after consuming barley, then he might be allergic to it, stop giving it this cereal grain right away and consult a vet.

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