2 responses to “Anatolian Shepherd Dog”

  1. Allyson Stone says:

    I adopted one of my foster dogs from Kansas City Pet Project. He looks exactly like the brindle color Anatolian Shepherds I have seen on line. He’s definitely a winter loving dog with his double coat but the top coat is almost as soft as bunny fur. I’m told his coloring looks like a Bengal tiger. Orangey brown fur with black stripes. White belly and white feet. Plus that amazing thick, curly tail that straightens out when he’s relaxed. I’m going to get a DNA test kit to see what mix he actually is.

  2. Phil Clarke says:

    we rescued a dog and couldn’t decide on the mixed breed that he is. After seeing this clip & reading your article. We now believe that he is a German Shepard/ASD mix. His personality traits are exactly what are described in the article.It was very helpful. We have a family member with a chronic illness & he has been valuable when his illness takes a turn.

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