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  1. Madison McDaniel says:

    My Alaskan shepherd is Amazing she’s 4 months old and very protective

  2. Kelly Connor says:

    I am looking for an alskan malamute shepard mix as a companion for my 7 year old malamute
    whose partner died last year

    Are there any breeders in ontario?

  3. Brooklyn Ramey says:

    Gwinnett georgia

  4. Lisa says:

    My Alaskan shepherd is the most wonderful sweet dog . He is also my service dog and does a wonderful job. He is 4 years old and he gets along with all kinds of other dogs . I take him to a dog park all the time and I have never had a problem. He can at times be a little headstrong so I would not recommend this breed for a fist time dog owner.

  5. Cristina says:

    I am going to have 7 Alaskan Shepherd puppy’s in a week or less we live in Alaska and she’s having seven of them just got x-ray of all the babies in her it was so cool to see them after feeling them move I can’t wait we have a full bred Alaskan Malamute and a full bred German Shepherd and the German Shepherd is the pregnant one I wish I could post pictures on here they are both great dogs the loves people and the German Shepherd does too but she is more protective if you put her on a leash she’s very protective just never been nobody but she tells you she’s there I do not know at this point how much to charge for the puppies I was told to start at $1,000. You can messenger me or PM me at Facebook cristina cristler vandort. I want to get their dew claws removed let me know your opinion on that. I feel that they hook up on things and are just in the way of the dog.

  6. LeeAnn Mumford says:

    I can’t find any breeders to look into, so if anyone can help me with that I’d be grateful.

  7. Ilya Anderson says:

    Please help me train my 6 month old Alaskan Shepherd! She won’t listen to me and chews everything in and out of the house!

    • admin says:

      Your dog may chew because of various reasons like separation anxiety especially when you are away from home, insecurity, hunger or even while teething, which definitely may not be the cause for your dog since he is already six months of age. Whenever you find him chewing do not show your anger or grab away what he is chewing, as it may trigger the behavior further. Instead, try distracting him by possibly making a noise or even stroking him on his neck or hindquarters. If he is still keen on chewing, get him a treat or perhaps a chewy toy that would be safe for him.

      • Mary says:

        My dog is about 5 years and still loves to chew. I keep plenty of large Nylabone toys which she loves and they really help keep her teeth clean, I think that might take care of your problem.

  8. Guylaine says:

    Can I know where there’s breeder in Quebec, Canada ?

  9. Andrew says:

    Looking for one of these. Please call me with info of where I can get one in the New England area 6179216763

  10. Shawn Fauntleroy says:

    How much do they shed

    • Phil Emmerson says:

      Not as much as our GSD. We have both?

      • James L Beauregard says:

        Not to bad, lol. In one hour I filled up 3 of them small plastic bags that you get at the checkout three days in a row. Then went down to one another week for awhile. But I wouldn’t trade or sell my girl.

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