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  1. Hector Dones says:

    I am looking for a Malamute wolf puppy low content and I would love to know the price and if you ship to Puerto Rico

  2. Judy Pitolay says:

    We’ve had our Malamute/timberwolf cross for 10 yrs – he is gentle & kind & very good/protective with children & elderly people. He is getting very territorial with his food (understandable), HOWEVER, when mum or dad (me & alpha male) go near his food dishes, he backs off. He’s been well trained – we did the training ourselves. He’s never on a leash. He listens very well. Only time he’s on a leash is when I take him to the vet & that’s a requirement.

    This type of dog needs space (and we have the space for him – 10 acres) he used to run (for miles) always had a tag on him with his name & our phone #.

  3. Kory says:

    I’m interested in breeding my female 27% Timberwolf 73% malimut she will be 2 years November never had puppies just need to find a male prefer the same breeds and persentage

  4. Martha Gray says:

    Actually I had one when my children was very small and she was awesome with them! She was very protective over them. So not understanding why you are saying they aren’t good with children. Ours accepted them as part of her pack basically! Never once offered to bite or harm them in any way unless ypu consider licking them to death harmful! Lol!

    • admin says:

      Your Wolamute probably had more of the Alaskan Malamute blood in her. A well-trained Malamute is known to be patient with kids. You didn’t mention anything about her training regimen! Perhaps, it was her training that taught her to be peaceful. However, what we have referred to in this article is about Wolamutes in general. If Wolamutes are socialized and given obedience training during their puppyhood, the issue could be reduced.

      • Judy Pitolay says:

        we’ve had ours for 10 1/2 years. he has never been destructive. He has never had “puppy training” – we trained him ourselves. he is the best dog ever. wouldn’t have any other. he is very friendly, loves people, howls & growls a lot, other than a few people who are afraid of large dogs, never any issues with him. He is very protective of children and elderly people. And yes, I have to agree – he is NOT a guard dog, by any means.

  5. John says:

    hi I’m John I am looking for a male pup

  6. Malu Gomez says:

    Hello my name is Malu I a 15% Timber Wolf 65% Alaskan Malamute and 20% Siberian Husky this is good dog to have for my two children She’s still a puppy. I believe she’s 8-10 months old I’m just scare little bit because it has wolf on her

  7. Sandra cook says:

    Looking for a malamut hybrid

  8. Sandra cook says:

    Looking for a Malamud hybrid for sale

  9. I am very interested in getting a wolfmute pup. I have two full blooded Alaskan malamute’s that they will be with

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