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  1. Jeanette MacIsaac says:

    We are looking for a white male westiepoo. We recently had to put ours to sleep – he had bladder cancer that had spread! We are heartbroken. It is so lonely without him! He was 11!

    • glenn says:

      I feel your pain. We just got ours and we are super attached to him. He is super cute and loving. I hope he outlives me as I can’t bear to e without him already.

  2. Jonathan Turek says:

    My mom’s westiepoo just recently had to be put to sleep after over 17 years, due to kidney failure. I have been looking around on different web sites to find a westiepoo for her.

    If you have any information on where I can contact or find a westiepoo puppy breeder/seller, please contact me.


  3. Dave Clarey says:


    Were looking for white westiepoo/weepoo puppies or rescues? We had out guy for 13 years and had to put him down last month due to a sudden illness.

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