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  1. renee pilgrim says:

    Hello, We just bought home our 9 week old shih poo 5 days ago. She is just the cutest. We are seeing a different temperament than stated. She is very fiesty. She fights, bites on shoes, grabs on pant legs, not aggressively but it’s strange to see our dog, Roxie so active at this stage. Is there any information you can give on taming her aggressive personality at only 9 weeks old.

    • admin says:

      Biting, mouthing, and play-fighting are common learning behaviors for a pup. Since they do not have hands, they tend to investigate objects or explore the new environment with their mouth. Similarly, play-fighting with littermates is a fun way for puppies to develop coordination, positive interaction, social and physical skills. If your 9-week-old pup is very mouthy or overly active, you may give her a little shake and scold her in a low-toned voice. If Roxie does not quit play-fighting or biting with every correction, scold her in that low growling voice and flip her over on its back, and gently hold her in that position until it stops struggling.

  2. Kelly says:

    My sweet little Shih-poo, Arlo, is 16 weeks old. He’s coming along with some of his training, but we cannot get a handle on crate training. I’ve tried everything from rewards to praise to having a personal trainer come out and help, but as soon as he can’t see me, he will poop in it no matter how small or how big the crate is. He definitely has separation anxiety from
    Me. He only does this when he is alone. Most of the time I have other people who can watch him for me, but there will be times I need him
    In his crate (like, so I can go to church) and I feel like I am torturing the poor thing. I’d love some advice.

    • admin says:

      When you are in the house, have your Shih-Poo familiar with being in his crate. The more time he spends the more it will help him feel safe and secure in his crate. Begin with short periods but gradually increase the time. Feed him in his crate and give him his favorite treat, which will act as a stress reliever. Moreover, you may turn to classical music to ease your dog’s stress and calm its nerves. Scientific studies show that Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and the like may induce more restful and relaxed behavior.

  3. Carol king says:

    I have an 8 week shih poo . I’m trying to lease train her . Because she is so fast . Also I can’t get her to come to me . I take her out every 45 min to an hr. She sleeps thru the night . Will pee out side but when we come back in she will pee again on my hardwood floor won’t use a potty pad . So I keep her crated. Hoping soon I can start letting her around the room

  4. Susan VanDyke says:

    I have a 12-year-old shi poo with cataracts, and I have two questions. first, since he is almost completely blind, taking him to a groomer now is not an option as he is very aggressive when he hears the scissors snipping. Any thoughts on how I can groom him at home and keep him from becoming frightened? and what info can you give me on eye drops that are sold online for cataracts. Thank you.

  5. Ronda Etheridge says:

    I have a shihpoo that is turning 6 the 22 of march he thinks he is human and gets very jealous around others that comes around me. I’m currently watching my sister shih tzu that is 7/8 weeks old and my dog is madder than hell at me he grouse and snap at the puppy. He’s so mad at me that it’s hard for me to get him to eat. He won’t come near me like he use to. What do I need to do to get him to quit being a spoiled brat?

    • admin says:

      Relax your dog by trying to show your affection for it, especially when the other dog is around. Ask your sister to bring her dog at your place, while you pat and hug and embrace your Shih-Poo in front of it. Give them toys to play, or just something interactive that keeps them busy TOGETHER. This phase in your dog’s life will soon go.

  6. Lisa Small says:

    I owned a two year old Shih-poo and she was wonderful. I took her to the vet for a regular check up and they gave her a flea medication as a preventive. She died in her sleep. I looked online and found out that flea medication has killed over 700 dogs last year. I also called my groomer who told me that three dogs died this week of flea medication that he knew in his shop. She did not even have fleas. BE CAREFUL OF FLEA MEDICATIONS THEY ARE NOT SAFE. Dawn dish soap work I love this breed they are great.

  7. BB says:

    I have a shihpoo who is a female . Sweet as can be but will not stop pooping and peeing in her crate .. we have tried everything ! Any help would be great . Thank youn

    • admin says:

      Peeing and pooping in the crate can be for many reasons, most of which are psychological, rather than physical. For instance, if your dog’s crate is too big for your pup, it will have the natural tendency to use one side of the crate to pee and poop, and sleep on the other side. In such cases, you should give the crate training patiently and affectionately. However, such issues can also be due to bladder infections, or any other health problems. Visit a veterinarian if you see the problem persists!

      Best of luck!

    • Ann Cochran says:

      We lost our Shihpoo Feb 14 and would love to have another one! Can you tell me where you got your dog?

  8. Maria lettiere says:

    I have a shin tsunami mint poodle that shakes allot…He was just 2 yrs old. Had him since 6 mos old….Why does he shake so much…He’s very playful and a goog dog, except he Barks allot,,,,Thanking you in advance….Maria Lettiere..

    • Maria Lettiere says:

      I have a shin tsunami mint poodle that shakes allot…He was just 2 yrs old. Had him since 6 mos old….Why does he shake so much…He’s very playful and a goog dog, except he Barks allot,,,,Thanking you in advance….Maria Lettiere..

      • Kristy says:

        My mom has one too that shakes a lot. Good question why they shake a lot??

        • admin says:

          Shaking or trembling in small dog breeds could be for many reasons, especially due to hypoglycemia, liver shunt, or neurologic responses like seizure. However, it can also be a sign of pain, cold and stress as in, when something changes in the household or strangers are introduced. If you can’t find out the reason yourself and fix it, you should consult a vet immediately.

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