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  1. Lashawn says:

    I love my dog. This is my first pet. H he’s 10 weeks old. However he’s spoiled rotten. He won’t poop on the wee wee pads. Cries if I don’t carry him EVERYTIME we leave the house. Very friendly in the house. Outside he cried loudly. In the car cries loudly unless he can sit on my shoulder. He’s chewing up all my shoes. Won’t play with his chew toy or teething ring. He only wants to b bite my stuff. I named him Chewy. How can I break these bad habits that I helped create. How can I get him to walk on a leash. I’ve been trying at home but he rolls onto his back and cries, then I give in and pick him up. He wants to be held most of the time and i think if I don’t stop it he will get worse as he gets older. He looks more like a shih tzu than a chihhuah. Please any suggestions.

    • Meg says:

      Just like a small child, if you walk away then turn back and say come on, he will come. He would rather come than be out of your site. Even walk out of site then walk back and call. This should only take a few times.
      It’s time consuming, but we make sure nothing is available for our little shichi (Scarlet) to chew. I have a five year old so there are lots of small piece toys here. Also, try a tug string. Ours loves to chase it, like a cat does, across the floor. Hope this helps.

  2. Elanie says:

    What the best food for the shichi?

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