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  1. sheltie lover says:

    There is no such breed as a “sheltie doodle”. That is a made up name used to sell dogs. Buy a well bred sheltie or a well bred poodle from a reputable breeder or adopt a mixed breed of any kind from a shelter.

  2. Roberta Marshall says:

    We have an 11 year old sheltie poodle mix and are looking for another

  3. marybeth Stelzer says:

    Are there any sheltie doodle rescues. We would like to have a rescue dog. We live in southwest ohio.

  4. Terry Wade says:

    We had a sheltie years ago who we loved very much. Its been 15 years since and think it time we get another family member. I think a miniature sheltidoodle would be a great addition.

  5. crystal says:

    Oops sheltidoodles

  6. crystal says:

    We should be having shelties in 60 days….

  7. Susie says:

    We are looking for a Sheltidoodle. Had to put ours down 2 years ago and we are now ready for a pup.
    Where are you located and how do prices range?

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