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  1. John Burdick says:

    Just saying… I’m 70. I grew up at the edge of a small town. I was the youngest of eight children when my father died when I was just two. We had a rat terrier. That dog made all the difference in the world. Named him Stinker. We lived next to a field where we had a milk cow. One day I observed first hand Stinker located a rats den out in the field. He rounded up and killed eight rats in a very short period of time. I was amazed. My brother and I would go to the woods a lot which was about a mile from home. This was back when your mother would say ok just be back before dark. I wouldn’t anymore do that with my kids for nothing now. We would say “Stinker, you want to go to the woods?” And he would run like a bullet halve way down the block then back to us as though he was telling us to hurry up. He was the best dog I ever had. Just saying. Thanks for listening.

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