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  1. Melissa Velez says:

    My little baby is the cutest looking like a mini collie , with a pink nose . Hates water ,the cold ,dogs, strangers but loves cats ,toys,digging holes,sleeping under the covers and is obsessed with me never wants to leave my sight .I can talk about her for hrs trying to mate her now she is 2 1/2 years old. Loves to still candy especially the sour stuff and will drink juice if you let her but I usually catch her . Oh and she loves to hide things under the bed and plays with any kind of tissue and collects them too.

  2. Lena Marsh says:

    How do we get our dog to get along with our two adult cats? Our dog is 2 months old?

    • admin says:

      It is possible for a dog and cat to live together peacefully under one roof. However, you need to introduce the newcomer carefully to minimize its fear and aggression. Here’s how you can introduce your new pup to the two adult cats.
      • Keep the puppy on a leash and restrain him from lunging at or reaching your cats.
      • Notice his reaction. If he stares down the cats, barks, whines, or pulls to get at them, it means that his predatory instincts are strong. Then you will have to gradually introduce your pup to the cats in a safe setting.
      • Bring them on the opposite sides of a baby gate or door and let them sniff through the gate or under the door. Don’t force the cats if they don’t want to get very close to the dog.
      Reward them with treats and praises so that they can associate the presence of other pets with good things. Train your pup with positive reinforcement so that he can respond to easy commands like “sit” or “down,” and you can get his focus off the cats.

  3. Kirstin Ardrey says:

    I just adopted my 6 year old a few days ago. It is our first dog and she’s so we’ll behaved! We have 3 kids that she loves and takes turns sleeping with every night. The only problem I’m having with her is she pee or poo as soon as I leave, doesn’t matter if I just took her out or on a walk,even when I just take the trash out. Not sure what to do about that, any feedback is appreciated.

  4. Anastasia Reed says:

    My husband got me a RatCha for our anniversary in February. He ended up being very sick, he was 10 weeks old when I got him, and he was covered in fleas and didn’t seem playful. I took him to the vet, weighing in at 2.4 pounds, he was diagnosed with parvo. Three days in isolation with the proper meds, he recovered. Since then, he has been very posessive of me (I visited him 3x a day while in the hospital). He is very skiddish though. I will call him and he cowers down and I am not sure why. He is now five months old, but still doesn’t seem to like any other people. At bed time, however he will curl up and burrow with my three year old son. He also thinks he is a cat, as when I call my cat, Jasper will come running along with my cat, Tyler. Does anyone else have this experience, if so, what have you done to ensure their little RatCha is not so skiddish?

  5. Allison says:

    Got our rescue 6 month female Ratcha less than 2 weeks ago. She totally adores my 12 year old daughter and me. Although she first struggles with men, she is good with my husband. Was slow to be mostly comfortable with my 11 year old daughter…did bite at her some. Did aggressively bite my newly 6 year old daughter. She has already shown psycho aggression randomly to kids and adults while showing complete love to others. I don’t understand how she can be the sweetest thing ever and then turn into aggressive scary thing. I have a trainer coming in two weeks. We are willing to work with her and learn how to help her but wonder if she will always be a liability. It’s a true snarling, barking at, attacking mode she can go into. My kids just want to love all over her and feel safe around our neighborhood with their friends and her too. Not the case right now.

  6. June Lovaasen says:

    Got my Rat cha from rescue shelter . She has been with us for six weeks now and love her so much .she loves car rides , plays well with cats and our black lab . And burrow in bed , lol .

  7. dee says:

    They are extremely intelligent. A bit bossy to the bigger dog but playful.
    Yes, they do not like rain, cold. Mine(female) does a wheelbarrow stance when having to make pee.
    Loves to burrow under the covers in bed. Very cute.
    Have to make an outdoor grass potty for rainy days under cover as she hates going out when rainy.

  8. Danielle says:

    Adopted our Ratcha when she was 2, 2years ago. She left a family that had too many dogs. She is extremely affectionate. Loves snuggling!! Loves other dogs. She is actually better with the larger dogs. High energy, definitely loves lots of short walks. (Long walks tire her out and asks to be carried) loves to chase things. Excellent at listening when called. Hates cold weather and rain! Excellent with strangers and kids. A total lover not an ounce of fighter.

  9. Sandra Schofield says:

    I have a girl ( Boxey) that is a RatCha…she is the sweetest most sensitive dog. She is smart, loves to play..fetch her toys and I never trained her to do it! She burrows under the covers or sits in my lap and loves to give me kisses! So funny, sweet, sensitie, and energetic. She used to chew everything in site but better now. She loves to find bunnies in the bushes but never has hurt one! I adore and love her to pieces! I have a male CHI and she adores him..mothers him though hes 4 years older. They are great together. Cant imagine my life without either of them!?

  10. Kathy Woods says:

    We rescued our Ratcha”Ellie”from a neighbor who did not want her when she was two years old,we have had a lot of smart loving Dogs,but she is the smartest most loving we have ever had,I know she understands everything that is said to her! She is so obedient,learned tricks so fast,wants to please,loves the grandchildren and everyone;The perfect Dog! She is 14 years old now,just lost her 13 year old “Sister”,has had depression,now has kidney problems,when she crosses the rainbow bridge we will be devastated,Our one in a million little girl,but we will go on and rescue another,hopefully one just like “Ellie”

  11. Eric M says:

    I adopted a ratcha 1 week ago from the shelter. He has been very easy to potty train, the next step is to get him to sit, shake etc. He is 8lbs and gets along with my boxador who also is a rescue. Our adult children have small and large dogs, he is well with the big dogs but will snap at thiem if they push on him. Oh and like the other owner this one love to cuddle with the wife and I catch him under the covers fun and loving dog.

  12. Jennnnn says:

    I have a 3 month old ratcha. She is adorable but I can’t get her to calm down and stop attacking (playing) my other small dog, (Who tolerates her but doesn’t want to play 24/7). When can I leave her out of her kennel all day and night??

  13. Jill Weyand says:

    Macy joined our family when she was 12wks old, now 9mo. She has an appt. to be spayed, chipped, shots, anal sacs, and nail trim in two days….thankfully she will be sleeping or drowsy through most of it! I never had a small dog, never heard of Rat-Cha….then came Macy. My husband purchased her for me from a young couple that just had a baby and were moving out of state. I have a dehabilitating disease that often keeps me with limited function and my husband works out of town which leaves me alone a lot. Macy is my emotional support dog. She has been a Godsend! Macy is very smart and intuitive. She keeps me laughing with her hijinks, the more I laugh the more she entertains…she looks at me knowing exactly what her actions are doing. She has MANY TOYS and knows each one by one word association. She loves walks and meeting up with her friends, other dogs and people alike. When we are out and she hears the sound of the plastic poop bag she knows it’s time to do her business. With a click of my tongue she stops and waits for a command….HOME, Macy leads me from any direction right to our door. Macy does bark at every noise outside our door and at everyone when she is outside(She really wants them to notice her) I plan on speaking to a trainer to see if we can curb that. Macy loves everyone once she is not afraid of you anymore. Plus my floor is never dirty….keep picked up, do not even drop a pencil…my Macy will find it for You! Lol I also wear shirts on her during the day to keep shedding down. She will not go out of the bedroom now until I dress her….love my girl!

  14. Angel Havens says:

    I’m looking for a male rat=chi mix prefer white with brindle and a puppy fo a gift. Live in Gainesville fl. Please contact me if you know where I can locate one, will travel anywhere in fl or s Georgia. Angel 352 284 5205

  15. Jamie Castillo says:

    I have a 10 month old and he is my first dog. He is great with our kids and such a sweet guy. He is intact and is not aggressive. He plays well with the neighbor’s dog. He barks to alert us, but is not a “barky” dog. He does need to be walked everyday, otherwise he gets bored and starts getting naughty.

    • Skythepup0 says:

      my mom got my brother and I one and she is 2 years old she is so nice and loving. she loves everyone. she wouldnt even hurt a fly. we all love her and give her so much attension. the only problume is hes really jumpy and m friend is scared at her

  16. Ebra says:

    Love my sweet Rat-chi( MiMi) so much! Got her when she was 7 weeks now she is 5 months . I’m single so it’s just me & her. Most lovable & loyal puppy I’ve ever owned.Very entertaining She keeps me laughing.

  17. Pat Dew says:

    We just adopted a Rat-Cha he is 1 year old. He is the sweetest little boy. Already potty trained, already fix and loves to sleep with us. He loves my boxer Bella. He has a great personality. Saturday will be just a week and we already in love with him. He loves to go walking with Bella and we are so pleased.

  18. Kim says:

    My rat-cha is 3 in a half years old and has such destructive behavior. She’s chewed almost everything in my house. She has toys and a sister for companionship along with lots of love and attention. I’ve become extremely frustrated with her. She’s on her way out!

    • Brittany says:

      We have a male rat-chi he is five and loved all to pieces i understand she is disruptive but please think twice before giving her away once you win her love and loyality she will calm down

    • Jamie Castillo says:

      Does she get walked everyday? Dogs get bored being in the house all of the time. Also, is your home picked up? Tidy?

    • D.MacDougall says:

      If that’s the way you feel, she would be better off without you, and in a more patient, tolerant environment.

  19. Shelia Smith says:

    I have a Ratcha (Nala) and she is very energetic, spoiled and loveable and lives to burrow Under blankets or any type of cover to snuggle and fall asleep. She loves to lay in my lap or anyone she trusts but does not get along very well with other dogs lately. Not sure what changed as she used to have play dates last summer. Very trainable with praise and treats. Loves to be dressed in clothes, especially pink. Great dog!!!

  20. lisa says:

    My dog callie belle a year old had her since 6 weeks old is extremely stubborn and pees on my furniture to mark her territory from my other pets . She’s fixed and I have worked patiently on potty training etc since day one . Nothing works she pees and it’s making me unhappy .

  21. Elizabeth Doran says:

    We have a Rat Cha since she was 8 weeks old and will be 15 weeks on Sunday (New Years Day 2017). She has the zoomies like crazy! She is super smart and learned to sit and to take treats gently! Amazing little mix breed! She is all black with a white heart on her chest and white tipped toes.

  22. This is the best dog we have ever owned.We adopted her from a pet rescue.She is now one year old.Easy to train once you have gained her trust.She is extremely affectionate.Loves to burrow under the covers at night.Do not leave outside as hates the cold.Travels well.
    On command- comes when called,sits,fetches ball,stays,plays dead,rolls over,spins,dances,gives paw & begs.
    Not good with young children as becomes nervous & fearful.
    Perfect for a retired couple.

  23. KVT says:

    My little rescue rat-cha is one year old tomorrow. Gets along great with my other 2 pure breed chihuahuas. The energy makes jack russells look calm. When not playing, he’s a snuggler. Easy pup to love. Wants to be everyones friend.

  24. AZ Gal says:

    My little guy is 15 now. He is doing great, but we noticed that his hearing is diminished a bit. Smart breed! He learned many tricks early on-and the little kids in the family love it when he sits, turns around and does a little howl (barely makes a sound). His name is Gizmo-large ears of course! If you are lucky enough to ever own this breed, it will bless your life!

  25. Suga says:

    I have this kind of dog he is energetic loves follow and protect me. Shreds alot cool with kids and other dogs love his bad sweet butt…

    • Rebekah Warner says:

      I have one but how to train it from not snapping at other family members. She is 8 years old. Plus we just got her last week.

      • admin says:

        Growling, barking, snapping, or biting are behaviors often triggered by ‘small dog syndrome’. All you have to do is, win the trust of your dog for your family members. Ask them to create friendly environments involving your dog. The easiest way is to play with it or plan for family picnics, etc. Ask them to begin playing with your dog (one at a time), and let them give favorite treats to your dog as and when it behaves properly. This might take a little time, but your little dog will gradually begin to feel comfortable with them. So you need patience.
        Best of luck!

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