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  1. Mel Stewart says:

    We got a Pugshire from a single mom who was changing apartments and no pets were allowed. It had been a rescue dog and his age was estimated at 2yrs. About 2 months after we got him, our other dog, a 13yr old female Yorkie passed. The Pugshire, Bert, underwent an very abrupt transformation and almost overnight became the most affectionate, obedient dog we have ever had. A great pet and obviously very intelligent. Love him to death!

  2. Tracy says:

    I have a 2 yourkie pug mix girls same litter one looks pug the other yourkie. I have a vet apt set but was wondering I took them walking the other nite and by bed I noticed their bellies looked a blueish color almost like bruises my vet says not to worry if they are still playing eating etc which is all normal! But being momma to these girls who just turned 6 m old . I’m here asking u has anyone else had the same issue is it time for their skin to change? From baby pink to adult blue blk ?

    • admin says:

      If your Pugshires’ skin discoloration is accompanied with a change in the texture of their coat, becoming unusually dense and coarse, then it could possibly signify cutaneous hyperpigmentation. Consult your vet about determining the cause of skin discoloration and be sure to follow his advice.

      • Tracy says:

        Goodmorning there is no change in their coats I see except it’s filling in more in other words getting fluffier. We have a vet apt set up and we’re on the call in list incase there’s an opening before apt.

  3. Connie Armsey says:

    This was so helpful and spot on! I have a pug/yorkie mix that we call a porkie! We just acquired a second dog…. A morkie and I was wondering how my porkie was gonna be. I have experienced all the above but they are both soon loving!. My porkie is extremely jealous though so thanks for this info! Very helpful! For both breeds!

  4. Marlene Jones says:

    Very nice article on Pugshire pups. I put the 2 breeds together as a joke not knowing its a real breed of dog. I wish we could have animals here i would be finding one right away. Thank you for the info on this darling little dog.

  5. Ashley says:

    This website is helpful for dog facts

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