8 Responses to Poogle

  1. Dan says:

    Looking for a Poogle puppy in Arizona.

  2. Greg kern says:

    Looking for a Poogle puppy

  3. Mrs ottewell says:

    Looking for jackapoo white female

  4. Dot Laird says:

    Looking for a Poogle breeder near Austin or San Antonio, Texas

  5. Dot Laird says:

    I am looking for some one near Austin Texas or near San Antonio Texas who breeds Beagles with Poodles.

  6. Candice says:

    Looking for a male poogle puppy if anyone breeds them please reply to thread willing to fly to come and pick it up. We lost ours after 14 years and we want another one.

  7. Marcia says:

    Looking for Beagle/Poodle in Jacksonville or Pensacola area.

  8. Debbie McGuire says:

    looking for a female Poogle puppy… We have A 3yr old female now and love her……NC AREA…will travel to adjoining stares or Fl if aval end of MAY/early June…

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