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  1. Gill Harmer says:

    I have a beautiful little girl Paperlanian, twenty two months old called Layla. She is my companion and I love her dearly.
    The only downside is she hates me going out without her. She plays up, tosses things about, barked and wails. I feel so guilty and leave only when I have no choice, such as doctors appointments, and food shopping etc.
    I am wondering whether to get another Paperlanian as they are so lovely and cute. They are also friendly to other poeple and most dogs too.
    I am finding them hard to find. I live in Portsmouth, Hants and am looking as locally as possible. Maybe even trace where she comes from. I.ve had her since nine weeks old., a one Lilongwe baby.
    Can any one help me to get my wish and company for Layla.
    I.m in no hurry as it must be the right dog for Layla to bond with. And us too. Gill

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