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  1. Mj Mentink says:

    Interested in a pom papillon mix, puppy preferred in the greater cincinnati ohio area. Please send an email if u know where i can purchase a puppy!!

  2. Karin says:

    I have six Paperanian two of them will cry or pout (look all depressed) when we leave, one will make a grumpily sound, and the other three don’t seem to care if we leave or not! All of them will sit on the floor and raise their front paws for you to pick them up.

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi I have a 5 year old paperanian he is my baby boy. I want to stud him out but don’t no how to go about it,if anyone could hep it would be much appreciated.

    • admin says:

      Hi Lisa!
      If you are thinking of using your Paperanian at stud, make sure your pet has the health certificates and some special qualifications required for breeding programs. For more information, contact local breed organizations or clubs.

  4. Gill Harmer says:

    I have a beautiful little girl Paperlanian, twenty two months old called Layla. She is my companion and I love her dearly.
    The only downside is she hates me going out without her. She plays up, tosses things about, barked and wails. I feel so guilty and leave only when I have no choice, such as doctors appointments, and food shopping etc.
    I am wondering whether to get another Paperlanian as they are so lovely and cute. They are also friendly to other poeple and most dogs too.
    I am finding them hard to find. I live in Portsmouth, Hants and am looking as locally as possible. Maybe even trace where she comes from. I.ve had her since nine weeks old., a one Lilongwe baby.
    Can any one help me to get my wish and company for Layla.
    I.m in no hurry as it must be the right dog for Layla to bond with. And us too. Gill

    • Gill Harmer says:

      A friend for Layla and a new baby dog for me.

    • Kay says:

      I have Vixen, a pappom (or paperanian) as well. She loves her two dog pack members, Batgirl a papitese (papilon/maltese), and Lil’ Fool, a smorkie (silver yorkie/maltese). All three dogs are concidered toys, and the other two help my Vixen with her seperation anxiety. Leave the tv on or music she’s used to hearing to also help her while you are gone.

      • Michelle Petrilli says:

        May I ask what breeder you used to find your Paperanian? We lost ours after 14 happy years! My husband and I are heartbroken and only want that breed–he was the perfect dog!!

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