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  1. My husband Dave and I ( Liz ) are interested in a Maltese Bichon mix. We are both Retired and have lots time for a pet. We have 12 granddchildren which would be an excellent fit, as they come to visit often.We are looking in the Austintown, Canfield area so the more people looking the better. Thank You So Much !!!

  2. Cindy Strohl says:

    My husband and I just lost our dogs of 13 years and we are heartbroken. I looked online 2 scout dogs that would suit us and came across the multichon.. we did our research and decided that a Maltese Bichon Frise would be the perfect fit! We found a breeder close to us, went to put a deposit on her and now anxiously waiting until Macie will be ready to come to her new home….which will be April 20th…they were born February 23rd. I feel like a new Mom….think I should have a Baby Puppy Shower!

  3. Cindy Strohl says:

    I said we lost our dogs….I ment to say dog…or really our baby!!

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