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  1. Sallie says:

    I love my 12 year old black lab pei. She’s definitely more on the Shar pei side. She can be stubborn and independent and hates water. But she potty trained herself so there is that.

    She’s also prone to skin allergies and yeast infections and never did get to the point where she could go off leash. She’s hopped the fence a time or two and she basically stays in the front yard, but will run away if she’s not ready to come in. Typically, I’ll sit on the porch and eventually she’ll come to me. Other than that, she been a low maintenance dog. She didn’t start developing allergies until she was 5 years old. I wouldn’t trade her for anything and love this mix, so would get another in a heartbeat.

    She’s great with kids, other dogs, and cats and when she was younger, she could hike with me all day. Now that she older, all she wants to do is sleep, but I reckon she’s earned that.

    Her has a lab type coat that sheds a lot.

  2. Jim says:

    My Shar-Pei mix of eleven years, eight months passed away this last Sunday, just three months shy of his third surgery to remove a mast cell tumor on his foot. The third time was merely debulking it, but it was so too aggressive and chemo didn’t work at this stage. I woke up on Saturday to find his foot had swelled considerably overnight, took him to the vet and discussed my concerns with it bursting over the next night which ended up happening. He had been to the vets between 30-40 times since last September and we had many discussions about his time nearing. His first surgery was in Oct. 2013. Second was in Nov. 2015 and then Jan. 2017.

    I brought “Steeler” home at three months of age from Las Vegas’s Lied Animal Shelter in November 2005 and some of the photos shown here seem as though they could have come from the same litter. His weight fluctuated a bit as an adult from 62 lbs. on a diet to where he normally was, between 65 and 71 lbs. He was very intelligent, great demeanor though sometimes a bit aloof around other dogs, particularly once he got older. He was a favorite of many and made many a lasting impression upon almost everyone he met with his mixture of inquisitiveness and friendliness.

    Steeler is already terribly missed, but I wouldn’t trade the last few days for the experience of being his daddy for all but three months of his eleven-year eight-month-old life.

    • Tina says:

      I lost my lab pei back in 2008-2009 do to cancer mass tumers too. His dad was full shar pei and he ended up dieing two yrs before do the cancer in his jaw. My pain is with you on your loss.

  3. Larra says:

    We had a lab pei (Ben) for almost 10 years that we just had to put down due to cancer. My husband and girls are just devastated. Ben was the best dog/son/brother to our family. We miss him terribly! We will be looking for another lab pei here in the next few months if anyone knows of one (preferably a male/pup)in need of a good home. We are in Indiana but would be willing to travel.

  4. Mona dillard says:

    We have a 2 year old male lab/shar pai mix. Love him. He sheds alot. Doesn’t like strangers. And is almost like a cat. Wants to be petted when he wants and that’s it. He has a skin problem. Itches all the time skit irritated and almost sticky. Anyone else?? Any solutions? I know he has to be very uncomfortable.

    • admin says:

      Itchy skin condition, also called pruritus, is one of the commonest dermatological issues in dogs. The reason can be many including allergies like environmental allergies (AKA atopy), food allergies, or even from parasites like fleas. Skin itching can also be caused by sores, hot spots, and so on. Initially, you should try to find out the reason by yourself. Keep an eye on its food habits, or search for fleas in its coat, brushing from time to time. If you fail to find out the reason, you should go to a good vet, without delay.

      Wish your dog gets well soon!

  5. Christi G says:

    So glad to have found this! My dog is about to turn 2, and the vet was able to tell me they thought she was this mix. We rescued her from TN so we were not sure what she is. Our family loves her so. She does not she’d at all, and is very intelligent and protective. She is an excellent watch dog, but also great with kids and is very affectionate. We couldn’t ask for a better dog (even though she did chew a hole in our couch as a puppy but besides that she is great)!

  6. Juancho Mitchell says:

    I have a Golden Lab Shar Pei female. She is about 6-7 years old. We got her at the shelter and it’s the best $40 I ever spent. Loving, caring, a pack animal for sure, and great with kids too. She’d be happy if we went on 5 hr hikes every day but is happy with 30-60 min.

    She doesn’t walk on leash after her training took hold. It took me about a year to get to that point. She doesn’t go across the street without me but can explore the sidewalk at her leisure but comes/stays when commanded. You get a sense of the mixture’s loyalty and independence there.

    She sheds a ton. Twice a year the shedding is worse than the the rest of the year.

    I’ve heard from more than one person that a Shar Pei mix of anykind is one of the best dogs they’ve ever run across.

  7. Patsy Mc Cabe says:

    Hi! I have a yellow lab/Sharpei. She 12mths is very smart but if she gets loose she will not come when called.I will not lie I am having a hard time enjoying her.

  8. Jazz says:

    I have an 8 month old black Lab/Shar Pei mix and he took to the Shar Pei side. He doesn’t listen and has horrible separation anxiety. As soon as I leave the house he starts barking wildly. He needs 100% affection ALL of the time. Even when I take him for a run he won’t lay down in the house. He’s very hyper, independent, and has anxiety.

    This could be due to the fact that I got him from a poor environment as the previous owner worked long hours.
    I am hoping he calms down onc I get him fixed. He will whine if I close any door, chews things….. just overall not a good review.
    But he’s mine and I’ll keep working on him!!!

    • Patsy Mc Cabe says:

      I have a 12mth yellow lab/sharpei female. If she gets loose she is gone and won’t come when called. I’am not enjoying her. So sad!

    • Jpatrick says:

      You definitely want to get him fixed ASAP. At 8 months, the puppy stage could last a year longer. Try giving him something to chew, like some of those giant rawhide knots if you can find them. That might help calm him down in the house.

  9. andrea says:

    I have a sharpei x with lab/husky she has long fur and sheds a lot.we have to send her to groomer 3 times a year for deshedding groom and I brush her every second night. She is very protective and doesn’t like anyone to approach her while on leash especially at night. We love her and would not replace her.

  10. Carol says:

    We have a 12 month old black lab pei. We adopted her from the shelter just recently & so just getting to know each other. So far she is loving, but will lay down or go to her crate, if we don’t pay attention to her. She came to us on medication for dermatitis. She weighs 54 lbs. but they considered her thin at the shelter. All in all, we’ve been enjoying getting to know her.

  11. Jane says:

    I have a 8 month old male labpei. He is about 55 pounds at the moment. I adopted him from a rescue, (Spartacus Legacy), and that was one of the best choices I could’ve made. He is a wonderful watch dog for anybody who lives in the house. He is good with other dogs and cats. He sheds all day every day, all year. We haven’t had any medical issues. The only problem is on the leash he pulls a lot but it is getting better to walk beside me. In the car, He will either sleep or lay on you and look out the window. He is very good in social places such as petco or pet smart. Overall, labpeis are a great dog and easy to train. 🙂

  12. Kim says:

    We have an 11 year old lab shar pei mix. He is the best dog we have ever had. We do have ear issues and he sheds but I can say that he is obedient, smart, great with kids, super loving and protective but not aggressive. He is the most loyal amazing animal I have ever had. He did come from a shelter and seemed to somehow know we were there to give him a home right from the start. Can’t say enough good things about him.

  13. Brenda says:

    We have a 5 y/o female shar pei/yellow lab mix. A great dog, intelligent and loving. Moderate shedding. 50 pounds. Protective of her yard, but friendly and tolerant. Extremely easy to housetrain, and stays in our yard, but her biggest fault is that she does not reliably come when called. Loves her daily walk, but 45 minutes of daily exercise makes her a nice relaxed companion in the evenings. A great traveler; she’s been to 22 states and is an adaptable vacationer–she’s been invited into visitor centers, shops and museums because she’s so cute and laid back.

  14. MarianneH says:

    We have a 6 year old female lab pei mix, roughly 60 lbs (trying to get her down to 55ish). We adopted her from an animal rescue as an adult dog. She sheds little to none at all and seems to be hypoallergenic. I’m allergic to most dogs, and have had no issues with her. She is a fantastic family dog, gentle with babies, intelligent, loyal, and friendly. She has had a few “bratty” moments with other dogs. She always seems excited to meet other dogs, then sometimes growls and snaps after they smell each other. We are working in this. She is very healthy and has great teeth. She is prone to dry skin, which we treat with fish oil and coconut oil. Shar pei have very narrow ear canals, which she inherited. We clean her ears out about once a week to prevent wax build up. She is such a happy dog, we are lucky to have her. Would definitely adopt another lab pei in the future!

  15. Bob says:

    We have a 6yr old yellow lab pei named Hopkins he sheds slot but he’s a great dog he weighs about 80 lbs loves playing frisbee or catching a lacrosse ball any other type of ball he destroys in a few minutes also it only took one day to housebreak him and he’s great with kids

  16. Mark Lindahl says:

    i had a shar pei-chesapeak mix and she was so loyal. I always wished their was a new breed of this mix. Mine lived to be 15 years old. her sister lived 13. i think the mix gave them better health compared to a pure shar pei or chesapeak bay retriever bloodline. my sister raised chocolate labs and most of them only lived 8 years. i grieved for awhile after losing my dog, my partner. i think a mix of lab and sharpei would help extend their lives. i have a few pics on facebook of my dog. i think they are a beautiful mix and hope we can create a good healthy breed. I came up for a name for mine, Shar-peak.

  17. I have a 1 year old labpei and is great. Very loving and smart. Does shed year round. Have to sweep daily. He is a large dog also 80 pounds. Would not change him for nothing though.

  18. darla says:

    we (my husband and I) have a female black lab shar paid mix
    we also have three cats. her best friend is the youngest make cat. they love on each other play together and they all lay together at times. she is great dog, great watch dog, a good protector. she for in between two loose dogs and myself to protect me. she gets along with other dogs as well. very playful and does shed quit a bit. I have allergies to our most of our cats but not to much to our dog as long as she is bathed every couple of months. having difficulty walking on a,leash but is trained to sit etc. when she pulls the,leash out of my hand I Say her name and she stops and waits. she weighs approximately 50 pounds. get very excited to see people she knows and loves..

  19. Jpatrick says:

    We have had a male Black Lab/Bone mouth Shar Pei mix for 7 years. Ben is a smart, and very athletic dog. He is good in the house, and good with the cats. He loves to meet other people, but with other dogs, he is unpredictable. If another dog gives him the wrong body language, he can get agressive. Ben is also very strong willed, and can have a disobedient streak. Outside, I really can’t let him off leash because I cannot call him off a deer, rabbit, squirrel or other dog.

    It is important to watch the diet of this kind of dog. Ben will eat whatever we feed him, so it’s important not to give him too much. His ideal weight is about 42 lbs. Others of this mix could be bigger.

  20. Cheryl says:

    I have a black lab and shar pei mix and she sheds horribly bad. Have to vacuum every other day if not everyday! But i love her and she is sooo cute…she is about 60-65 pounds?

  21. christina dewan says:

    Hey! So im really confused, so if youre crossing a lab with a sharpei dog, wouldnt that make them shedding dogs? Considering that they both are big shedders? i m really hope you can clear that out with me because I am trying to buy one of these mixes, and dont want one that sheds!
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      While the Chinese Shar-Peis are minimal shedders, the Labrador Retrievers would shed moderately (and that too, seasonally). This naturally makes the Lab Peis prone to shed quite less.
      Thank you.

    • Mark Lindahl says:

      Both are shedders, my sharpei-Chesapeak bay retriever mix shed twice a year like all labs. They are still a lab fur mix. i vacuumed many layers of shed along the wall and carpet as she grew older. I still stand by my choice that they are still a great dog that is faithful, smart and loving. even though they shed, they are low maintenance. keep an eye on their teeth and tartar build up. Watch for lumps if they get them. most are non dangerous fatty tumors,(i think due to the lab side)

    • Txann720 says:

      Just found site. I have this dog. One of the best dogs I have ever encountered in my life. Big shedder! There is probably one week out of the year when he doesn’t shed. He need to pack on hair quick when the temperatures change. I do live in Michigan. I am sure that makes a difference in the shedding. He looks like a lion around the neck he gets so much it looks like main. The most dedicated loyal protective dog. We walk rough terrain and he watches to make sure I make it over rocks and places that we have to climb before he goes on.

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