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  1. Thelma Decjer says:

    wanting to purchase a daschund beagle puppy. i live n southern indiana

  2. Evangeline says:

    HEllo, i just rescued my dog named Hunter.Very energetic, loves to play, friendly, loving.
    The problem is that he has separation anxiety and he doesn’t want to be in the crate:(
    I can’t leave him alone in the house (couple of hours ), he will chew everything.

  3. Lynn Merkwan says:

    Our Cooper is a rescue. He is a love bug with all of us especially our grandsons. Our only issue with Vooper is that he goes crazy barking when we pass another dog or dogs when we are out for our walks. He doesn’t stop barking until we are several houses past the dog pulling on his leash to go to the other dog. I have tried carrying him past dogs and firmly telling him “no”. Nothing works HELP please.

    • admin says:

      Hi Lynn,
      You may use the following methods frequently to help relax your reactive dog on walks. Make sure you are unpredictable in your approach so that your Cooper can focus on you.
      • You should remain calm while encountering other dogs on a walk. If you are calm, then your Cooper will continue to be quiet. The other dog will probably sense the calm-assertive energy too, which might help in exchanging a friendly greeting.
      • When you are out on walks, you need to be unpredictable. Go slowly, then speed up, change direction, and rotate once. Let your dog jump on and off the bench! If Cooper does not know what his owner will do next, his focus will always be on you.
      You may also try avoiding other dogs by simply going in another direction. Do not wait until your Cooper starts barking. When you notice another dog, turn and move behind a tree or a car, or you can cross the street.

    • George Wright says:

      Lynn: I adopted five-year-old Peter and he had intense leash reactivity, which disconcerted other dog owners. I got a copy of “Feisty Fido – Help For the Leash-Reactive Dog” by Patricia B. McConnell and began working with Peter. It took six months using the “Watch” exercise (which is classic positive reinforcement), and Peter finally realized that getting attention and a treat from me was a lot more satisfying that acting ferocious toward other dogs. Now my neighbors complement well behaved Peter, which makes me feel quite happy. BTW, telling a dog “no” only confuses it.

  4. Cora Patton says:

    I have Roxy, she is loving, like to jump, very friendly my biggest problem is she has separation anxiety. Trying to figure how to handle that.

    • admin says:

      Hi Cora,
      You can ease your Roxy’s separation anxiety by following these simple methods:
      1. You need to leave your dog in a calm, resting mode when you are away. Take your Roxy for a long, rigorous walk before leaving the house.
      2. Do not make a lot of fuss while leaving the house or when returning. Do not talk, touch, or make eye contact for up to one hour before leaving and after getting back.
      3. Practice leaving your Doxle alone for ten minutes. Increase the time to 30 minutes, and then an hour. Continue extending the time until you can stay away for a full ten hours.

  5. Amy says:

    We adopted a Doxel a year ago and she is such a great dog. Loving, sweet, and full life. The best part about her is she is a cuddle bug.

  6. Marty and Kelly Hill says:

    Our doxle is named Abby. She is the most loving, funny and loyal dog. She can be a ferocious guard dog, but responds to commands faithfully.

  7. Leesa says:

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  8. Jaclyn Zblewski says:

    Where can I purchase a Female Doxle….I live in Wisconsin!!!

  9. bea omalley says:

    we got Ginger from a animal shelter. she took over as soon as she got home. very energetic and playful. has moments of extreme wild abandonment, at which time she leaps all over the furniture. having a hard time to coral her. I am having trouble with housebreaking as far as going outside but she is really good about going on the wee wee pads. doesn’t seem to like the car much yet but we will work on it.

  10. C.C. says:

    Our Charlie is 8 months old and still uber hyper! He loves his cat brothers & sisters and especially his Mamas. Charlie has quite a few of the traits mentioned but was a breeze to house break and digs like he’s looking for gold. A very great breed and looking for him to calm down a bit.

  11. Briana says:

    I have one her name is don don she is very loving and funny to play with she is very sweet and she is house trade and loves to play and hunt ❤️❤️❤️???

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