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  1. Personility Plus Kennels Lindalee says:

    Well folks I breed and raise doxipoos. I find them very special animals. Not like most dogs more human like did you know these dogs are talkers and will study things and then solve their promlbem with what ever it is? Also they are the most loving dog.Lindalee

  2. Audrey Johnston says:

    We call are rescued “Doodle” – Doxie-Poodle – Sienna because of her undercoat. She’s fiercely loyal, plays well with other pets, & smart as a whip. She was in a hoarders house & it took her a year to overcome her fears. Now there’s no stopping her. Doodles are wonderful dogs.

  3. Briana F. says:

    I disagree with good with other pets. My dog (Riley Grace) HATES it when we come home with my grandmothers dog. She usually never barks but she always barks at my grandmother’s dog.

  4. Briana F. says:

    Me and my mom just recently rescued a doxiepoo, and we figured out that she was abandoned (her name is Riley Grace).We actually found her on Saturday, and now is VERY attached to my mother. She cries every time me or my mother leaves, but I need to find a good place to get her a microchip and tag. Does anyone know a good place I can go?

  5. Wayne S. says:

    Love my Sassy.

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