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  1. Melisa says:

    I have a dorgi he is about 8 months old and I am having issues with him right now whenever I take him for a walk and he sees strangers he just keeps barking and growling what can I do.because some people don’t understand he is still a baby and just a big mouth that he won’t bite….

    • admin says:

      Hey Melisa, these dogs naturally inherit some stubbornness of their parents. So, this should take time to correct, and eventually refrain your puppy from doing so. Do not leave your dog alone for long hours as separation anxiety also sometimes leads to excessive barking.

      You should remember that, it is still a pup, and hence, its training is yet to complete. Take him to the dog park, where he can meet new doggies and their masters. While training, give him treats from time to time for good behavior. Seek professional help, if the problem persists.

  2. Kaitlin says:

    I have a dorgi and he is about two years old. My grandparents found him in there garbage can so we adopted him. All I wanted to say that for your information they can come in brindle too.
    Just wanted to point out!😉😉😉

  3. Becky says:

    We have 5 y/o. He is a doll-baby but getting too heavy now. Always been 27-30 lbs but now up to 33-34. Been on “diet” food since 1 y/o cuz he has the really skinny doxie front legs. BTW…he has always shed like crazy…any suggestipns for that??!

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