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  1. Clau says:

    My dameranian puppy won’t walk with leash. But if i don’t use the leash, he’ll walk following me. Is it a problem? (I just thought about obedience)

    • admin says:

      Hi Claudia!
      Clinginess is often seen in very young pups, as it is their natural behavior to stay close to their mother and littermates. When a Dameranian puppy goes to its new home, it tries to cope with its new surrounding by staying close to its people. As an owner, you offer love, hugs, praise, food, and comfort; so all these things naturally attract your young pup. Moreover, Dameranians are characteristically friendly, so it is normal for the pup to crave your companionship. Although you cannot undo this innate characteristic, you can try to reduce its clinginess by obedience and positive reinforcement training.

    • Taylor Kalb says:

      Yes!! Lol. Like any dog, it’s natural instinct. If you get them as a puppy, you can train them not to, especially if you have them in the home. But just like people..everyone develops and learns differently. No animal is the same. Max, my 2 year old Dameranian has quite the personality! When we visit Grandma’s, she has cats.. Sometimes he will chase, other times he ignores them. I tried to train him to not ‘discriminate’ lol. I will say though, best companion I’ve ever had.

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