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  1. Ahman says:

    This is really out of date. Pahuahua’s are a hardy dog. They handle all types of weather, well as long as they are on the move. Their ears need to be combed regularly and a nice bath monthly, they shun baths, but after they show lots of love and affection after. Their hair is unique in that it has little to no smell and should only be trimmed and not cut. They do like to rough house on the bed and floor, plus should be walked twice a day to keep the barking down.

    Food wise at a young age they like Apples and Banana’s, but as they get older a little raw meat is wonderful for them a few times a month. Dog food wise they tend to lean towards poultry and should not eat human food as they are prone to gaining weight.

    They are mixed tempered, depending on the mix of Chihuahua Papillon.

  2. Gregg Rasor says:

    Where can I find these dogs for sale? We just lost ours to old age! Best dog we ever had, and very loyal to my wife! She is broken hearted and I really would like to find one for her.

  3. Katie says:

    My little Chion was supposedly a “chihuahua” but looked just like the mom so guessing the mom was the generation 1. Definite characteristics of the Papillon including loving to fetch little toys, and chasing after flies! She is more feisty than our full chi, and can get herself into trouble with big dogs. Also loves to play stalk and pounce with the cat. Only weighs 3 lbs.

  4. Rhonda says:

    I bought my Chion from a breader a year and a half ago my daughter has 2 from the same breaded a male and female they are small 3 &5# and have the brown coat she had hers for a couple years so thought I’d get one from the same place but got the black and white instead the breader said it was only the second time they ever had a black and white (all the others in the litter were the brown coat) needless to say he is not the little lap dog like my daughters he has grown double and triple the lengthy her dogs and weights 21# at last vet visit. Every one mistakes him for a boarder collie even my vet…lol….but he has become a great little companion to my husband and I. He is very active and loves to play with the laser every night. We got him a few months before we had to put our golden retriever/chow mix dog down. He is very loyal and loves people.

  5. john Ioannouu says:

    Best dog I ever had will break my heart when she goes.

  6. Chachi's Mama says:

    Our little chion, Charlie, was the gentlest (yet spunky!) & most loving dog I’ve ever known. He passed away recently and I miss him terribly. I am looking for another after my wonderful experience with this sweet breed.

  7. Nichole Matthews says:

    My chin is a service dog I have her for ptsd depression and anxiety I love her I got her when she was 4 weeks old she’s 3 now been my rock the last 3 years we’ve been through hell n back together I’ll be devastated when she goes m6 little angel will alwAys be loved though she was a chichauachu but her new. Get said she’s a chion of course I looked it up n saw she definitely was excellent dog

  8. Kathy Adams says:

    My little chion was given to me by a wonderful family she is also a service dog for depression and anxiety she is all if 1 and a half pounds soaking wet people think im crazy she is so small how could she be a service dog. I thank god that I have her she does noy leave my side dosent bark and dances for a treet best dog ever.


    • Mary says:

      I don’t know if you will see this but I purchased my chion from a woman who needed to sell her for money. The dog weighed 4 lbs and shook constantly for several weeks. Eventually she shook less and less. Two years later she has come a long way but is still very cautious. I have never ever yelled at her. No problem. She trys real hard to be a good dog. Think she had been caged before I got her as she found my house and yard overwhelming and too big. She has finally learned to like her food and put on weight. She was afraid of everything and everyone. Now she is just wary. What it takes is a ton of your time and love. I am retired so have the time. If you work it may be difficult to give this dog what she or he needs. My email is mjrlovescats@gmail.com if you would like to chat more but the answer is lots and lots of love and attention.

  10. Renee marshall says:

    I rescued my little chion 6 years ago. His name is Boz. He is the sweetest smartest dog I have ever had. Loves everyone and loves to play ball in the park.

  11. Rick says:

    We got our little 13 pound baby 2 years ago as a rescue, she was abandoned at a Safeway. Best thing that we have ever gotten at any supermarket! She is so smart, gentle, loving, faithful, athletic, she averages 22 miles a week hiking. I can’t say enough good about her. Our neighbor just today purchased a rescue Chion from a shelter, he is as sweet as our Frannie. Dread the day we lose her….

  12. Jennifer Almestica says:

    Got my Chi on 6 months ago….love him to pieces…very loyal, energetic, fiesty…you must be consistent with training and if you are, it will be successful…he loves to go outside, run in the park…all in all a GREAT dog

  13. Suzette Koshi says:

    I love my little Chion poochie. He sleeps on me and yes he loves to play with and bite his daddy cat and my

    chihuahua/shitzu. This is not a breed for small children. When he gets tired he gets alittle moody but he lets me know when he needs to recharge his batteries

  14. Karen Gunter says:

    Our Chino (Star) is not a licensed Therapy dog but she came into my life at a kinda dark time and she saved me. They are such a sweet and loving breed and will make you laugh. She is very protective and Loyal. They love their daily walks and play time. We are Blessed to have her.

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