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  1. Mary says:

    My chigi, Harper, has a build up of very bumpy, dry, itchy skin in her ears. Can I use a hydrocortisone cream on it?

    • admin says:

      Hi Mary,
      Hydrocortisone cream, an over-the-counter topical ointment, is known for its anti-inflammatory property and is often used in dogs for reducing itching, swelling, and pain caused by allergic reactions or infections. However, it has not been approved by the FDA for veterinary use, and so you should consult your vet before using this medication on your dog.

  2. Wendy cole says:

    My chigi recently has had a very bad foul smelling breath I’m wondering if anyone knows what the cause may be ? I do not think it’s his teeth or gums because he eats his dog food with no issues at all.

    • admin says:

      Hi Wendy,
      Your Chigi’s offensive odor may be produced by a buildup of bacteria in his mouth. Some underlying health conditions, including diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal problems, inflammation of the nasal passages and the sinuses, and enlargement of the tube passing through his throat to the stomach may also cause bad breath. Talk to your vet and evaluate your Chigi for these health problems.

  3. John says:

    My Chigi “Triump” looks more like a Corgi than a Chihuahua (w/copper fur). It refuses to live indoors or to be tied up. He jumps up to four feet high in the air so that we can see him through the kitchen door. He is a very fast runner and likes to zig zag thru the yard when chasing birds. He nips at my heels when I walk around the yard. He is affectionate, alert, loving, friendly, social, gentle. The 5 schnauzers next door love him, but are not able to keep up with his energy level. This dog is a freak of nature.

  4. Mari says:

    Do chigis tend to shed a lot even with their short coats?

  5. Paula says:

    Our Chigi ‘Grace’ has such a beautiful nature. She loves to play with her toys and other dogs, loves to run around and also love to sleep. She is so affectionate and doesn’t bark much, but can be vocal with other noises. She sheds like crazy, but I would say that is the only downfall of her breed. She has the black eyes and nose as mentioned, but her ears are down. She weights 12kg and is quite stocky but also slim.

  6. Nicole says:

    My chigi is very friendly with everyone he meets and likes to lick and jump. Is this something I can break him of and or are these the Chigi’s natural temperament?

    • admin says:

      The most likely cause for your Chigi’s licking and jumping behavior is affection. Since Chigis are considered a friendly and social breed, licking or jumping for affection is a natural appeasement gesture. However, if your dog shows excessive licking and jumping, it might signify a compulsive behavior disorder, for which you should seek medical help.

  7. Dawn says:

    How do you correctly pronounce Chigi? Thank you

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