4 Responses to Chi Chon

  1. Jun Li says:

    I would like to get a chi chon miniature dog

    • Derek says:

      I’ve got one.she’s adorable and called cuddles .fantastic dog and the description is 100% correct

      • Shelley says:

        Does she bark a lot?

        • Sam says:

          Yeah mine barks alot and is of a nervous predisposition, so I would advise when getting your new puppy, should you do so, to watch each individual puppy interact on its own accord around you and the other pups to spot which character would be best suited for you. I would also advise you take them to puppy parties and classes, so you can rectify any negative behaviour towards people and things early on. And remember to get them socialised! With mine, it was moreso he was very nervous from the start, and getting him nuetered didn’t help his nervousness towards people at all. To this very day we are working with him to get better, and trust prople more. Hope this doesn’t discourage you in any way of getting a chi-chon as nervousness and antiexty can be found and diagnosed in any dog regardless of breed! All-in-all he is a great family dog, fine with other dogs and our rabbit (just a bit too rough and playful with him so we keep them separate anyway). He is just very nervous around strangers and barks at anything passing by the house!

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