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  1. Vicky says:

    Could not be more off base. We have had two of these dogs (brothers) for 7 years now and today the one killed the other by biting his neck – and they were neutered as pups because of their aggressive tendencies. They are also prone to cataracts (4k dollar surgery) and both had bad allergies. We got them as puppies and raised them in a loving home with two kids. They absolutely would bite people – never us (they tried as pups but we trained them not to), but they bit kids and friends who had been over 100 times. Finally we just locked them up whenever anyone came over. I think you are way off base with this description. I will say this – toward family members around them daily, they are wonderful, sweet, loving pets but you have to show them who is boss at a young age. They are the only puppies I have ever had that tried to bite us. It’s something in the breed.

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