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  1. Judy Sanders says:

    This is a balanced and interesting introduction to the Malinois. I’m sorry they seem to be one of the currently “hot” dogs everyone wants. Too much interest in a breed is not good! I have my first Malinois now. She is a rescue and I’m probably her 4th owner and she’s only 7 months old. I have some obedience-training skills and it takes all I have and can study to stay ahead of her! Smart, completely athletic, fast, quick-minded, alert to everything, very mouthy even after a month of work, not very affectionate – more interested in “what’s out there,” but responds to treats, occasionally gets tired enough to chill with me. Learns things too quickly. Easy to teach her the wrong thing! What a powerhouse of a puppy, but she has good sense.

  2. Alanda O'Brien says:

    I think I have rescued a Malinois but it was described a German Shepherd. I’ve had Shepherds and she is different. When we rescued her from the pound she has heart worms and wasn’t very active but after treatment she is a different dog.She is super active, always playing seems like a child with ADD. I take her for long walks 2 times a day but she is not yet allowed to run yet because of her treatment. The vet thought she was 2 to 3 years old. How can I tell if she is a Malinois? She looks like a GSD in her coloring but her face is not as narrow as a GSD and her eyes look somewhat different. I love her and will work with her everyday although she is a handful.

    • Fritz says:

      How does her back look? GSD’s slope. Mal’s do not. They are a squared dog. Only Shepherd breed that their height is almost equal to their length. More than likely the case you have a shepherd/mix. In the end who cares? You’ll never obtain papers. So what her breed it is a nonpoint. If you love her and her drive works for you then in the end she’s a member of your family. That’s all that matters.

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