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  1. Stuart says:

    Are their tails naturally short like in your video? Seems the morons we rescued 2 from the litter, 1 female chocolate (possibly the runt), and 1 male black, they have what appears to be rope marks around the upper section of the tail. Someone said looks like they tried to either shorten them or rip them off.. Both seem smart and are very clingy, to us and each other. Love play fighting and nibbling each other.

    Please get back to me


    • admin says:

      Most Aussiedors come with full, moderately long tails but some may be born with bobbed tails. Moreover, breeders get their Aussiedors’ tails docked by the vet for maintaining good hygiene and avoiding injury while herding.

  2. Diane White says:

    I got my dog from PAWS and he is really aggressive with my Chowbrador. is this normal?

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