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  1. Samuel Cook says:

    We got an Alusky on Christmas Eve, with no stores open until the 26th we couldn’t get a crate until the evening of the 26th and now he cries and barks the whole time he is in the crate, hates it. Forgot to mention he is 7 weeks old.

  2. Abbey says:

    Hey Admin!
    I have been looking into Aluskies and trying to figure out if this would be the best dog for me!
    I grew up with a husky mix and know that I would love to have another in my adult life!
    My only concern is that I sometimes work 6-8hr shifts on some days. Would this be to long to leave a dog alone for? Especially this breed of dog?

    • admin says:

      Hi Abbey,
      Most dog breeds experience separation anxiety to some degree, and Aluskies are no different. Since you will be leaving your dog alone for 6-8 hours on some days, it is your job to help make the situation less stressful. You may follow these tips to ease your dog’s separation anxiety:
      • Take your Alusky for a brisk, rigorous walk before leaving for work. Then reward him with water and his favorite food. You need to leave him in a quiet, peaceful mode when you are away from home.
      • Do not make a lot of fuss when you go out for work or when you come back home. Do not touch, talk, or make eye contact with your pet for up to one hour before leaving and returning home.
      • Practice leaving your dog alone, initially for five minutes and then gradually extend the time to an hour. Continue increasing the time you remain away until it is full eight hours.
      • Train your dog to live peacefully in a crate. Introduce him to the crate and feed him regular meals in it. Once your dog eats food in his crate without fear or anxiety, practice confining him there for longer time periods.

  3. Teylor Hall says:

    I Will be buying an alusky for my family this Christmas. I have researched each individual breed for many years and happen to come across this hybrid! I have 3 kids, 11, 8, and 7 months old. The dog will be my 8 year old sons. We also have a male Chihuahua rescue. Ive never even considered a female pup but with the chihuahua, should i be lookong at a girl? Any suggestions on how to transition the dogs and kids and everyone into our home would be awesome, thank you!

    • henry says:

      Good day,

      I’ve owned a Husky malamute for a few years now and she always gets along with other dogs. One thing I would watch for is my dog ran into a small Chihuahua before and it scared the poor thing even though she didn’t mean to. It just depends on how your little dog gets along with dogs 4x her size.

  4. Amanda says:

    Hi we have just bought 2 x husky/malamute female puppies (sisters). They are nearly 11 weeks but we have only had them for a week. They play heaps n usually get along so well, but the last couple of days once a day they get really agressive with each other n I have to pull them away to separate them.
    Can you give me ideas on how to stop/control this?

    • admin says:

      Hi Amanda,
      Aggression between your two female Alusky pups can have many underlying motivations:
      • Changes in the family, routine, or household may lead to a change in responses between your pets. It may occur from underlying anxiety or a lack of ability to adapt to the change.
      • In some cases, the aggression may be redirected. When either or both the dogs become aroused by a stimulus or event unrelated to the other one, such as your departure or homecoming, or the mailman’s arrival, she may direct her aggression to her sister because she is nearby or easily accessible.
      • Your dogs may fight due to an underlying anxiety like noise sensitivities or separation anxiety.
      • Aggressive behavior will possibly occur over the access to resources, which are considered essential to one more than the other. These might include territory, resting places, food, social interactions with you, or their favored possessions.
      You need to identify the possible underlying cause and resolve the issue by consulting an experienced dog behaviorist and a vet.

  5. Shateka says:

    Hi there!

    We have a male Alusky who is a little over 6 months old. He has been gaining roughly 10lbs each month and is now at 70lbs already. My husband and I are just wondering how big he may get?

    • admin says:

      Hi Shateka,
      Since a pup usually undergoes the rapid growth phase until he is 6 months of age, it seems like your dog is about his normal weight. Keep in mind that a full-grown Alusky can weigh up to 100lbs. Talk to a vet to find out whether your Alusky is obese and ask him about how to maintain your dog’s healthy weight.

  6. Anon says:


    My partner has an Alusky, she’s getting to 6 months now.

    Just wondering tips on what to do when she gets bitey, playfully because everything we do to get her to stop excites her more and makes her think we’re enjoying it.

    She’s much better than she was as a younger pup and she understands sit and wait and some other basic commands, but stop or no when she bites doesn’t seem to do the trick, we’ve read putting your hands behind your back or ignoring her but then she just bites wherever else she can, I’m sure it’s just an attention thing or playful temperament, but wondering if you have any advice.



    • admin says:

      Hi there,
      You can teach your Alusky to inhibit biting. When your pup latches onto your finger or hand, let it go limp and make a loud yelping noise. When she releases your hand, ignore her for 10-20 seconds before resuming play. Do not try to pull away from a bite. It might trigger her chasing instinct and worsen the issue.

  7. Barb says:

    I’m looking to rehome another families malamute husky pup. She is 10 months old. This is what the owner has to say about her.
    ( So far she hasn’t liked anyone that has come to see her. Youre welcome to come see her, but she’s timid around strangers and might take some time to get her used to a new person. She barks and growls and doesn’t let anyone near her.) The owner said this wasn’t like her tell after they picked her up from the kennel aftwr a few days.
    I went to see her and she more barked at me then growled. And it took me about a hood 45min to even try to per her. I’m going back to see her again this thur. To see how this visit gos. I was wondering is there anything that I can do gain her trust of me and any of my family members.

    • admin says:

      When you go back to see the Alusky pup this Thursday again, you need to keep these things in mind to earn her trust.
      • Do not greet her with nervous energy. Stay calm, speak softly, and avoid the temptation. Excitedly approaching the pup could make her more excited, which could result in an unwanted greeting.
      • Respect the pup’s space. Do not stand too close to her and make sure that you leave a minimum four feet space between you. Do not touch, talk or make eye contact with the animal.
      • Approach the dog from the side instead of from the front. Stoop down and face the same direction as that of the dog. Hold your hand and make a fist while avoiding eye contact. It is a non-confrontational way of entering her space.
      If she is interested, she would definitely come to you and sniff your hand. You can then pet her chest. You can also accompany the pup’s owner when she is taken outside for walks. That way, she will accept you as a member of her pack.

  8. Joan says:

    I have a 8 month old male alusky,can’t seem to find out much information on them.At what age are they consider fully grown.

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