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  1. Trisha says:

    I strongly disagree with Shepkita’s not being good with children. I had gotten my shepkita when i was 7 years old, it past away when i turned 21 years old. I had small neices and nephew’s that where ages 9months to 5 years old that would either live with us or visit every day at the time my shepkita was 1 to 2 years old. They climbed on our shepkita, pulled his tail, grabbed and tugged his ears, tugged at his fur coat and there was nothing a child could do to that dog that would make him anything less then gentle and caring. In fact he acted like he was their Nanny or litter. Very protective ocer them and when he sensed the children where doing something that was not safe he would grab them by the back of the pants or diaper and pull them near him , closer to the house and big glass back door and would keep the children very close to him. The children would fall asleep on him as if he put them down for a nap and he would be loyal to stay by their side and comfort them until we went inside or they woke up. He did however show aggression to any adult (mostly males) that came close to the children or I that he was not familiar with and crossed territory and we had a couple times we had to go to court when a man would raise his voice or show anger around him towards us, which was good for my mother when a man tried to repo her car ( TRIED BUT DIDNT SUCCEED). My shepkita was a true shepkita and was the best dog any parent could ask for. We always said if anything ecer happened to us and the children were left alone with the dog we know for a fact they would probably be better off then with a babysitter and felt our family and children were 100% safe because of our shepkita. I am now 33 and have my own children and have never been able to find a breed that came close to being as good with children as the shepkita i grew up with.

    • admin says:

      Your dog, specifically, was probably well-trained and was good with the kids. However, what we mentioned here is about Shepkitas in general. Shepkitas are naturally not much comfortable with young children, however, if they are trained and brought up with kids from a very young age, they wouldn’t have that issue.

      • June says:

        I agree with Trisha I have a Shepkita and she will be 12 in January and she has always been good with my daughters and nieces and nephews they would sit on her lay on her and never did she ever show aggression and now that she is older and has arthritis in her back legs my 2 yr old grandson will lay on her as a pillow and she loves it she is constantly kissing him and has alway been good with kids in fact I have come across many owners of these dogs and aal state that they are great family dogs.

  2. raff says:

    hello some advice please i have a shepkita and she is one years old got her from a family with a male she is great with me and my son but very nervous of other people which is not in its self a bad thing my problem is she is very nervous and wont go out for a walk a few yards and she becomes petrified and wants to go back home she hates cars and just dont know if it a time thing and don’t know how to help her i live very close to a large lee valley park and can walk for miles but to get her there and back is a problem wont get in car without a lot of stress so i’m only walking her short times if at all so not to stress her out can anyone offer any advice please she is a lovely dog and want her to live a nice life and not scared all the time

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