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  1. weezy says:

    “This is one breed that takes time to mature, even up to two to three years, and is a good choice for inexperienced or new owners.”

    WHAT?!? This dog is absolutely unsuited for novice owners. It is large, powerful, independent and dominant. This is a working breed. They are no more suited to uncertain, novice owners than they are to apartment life in the city.

    • admin says:

      Considering your comment, we have reviewed our article. Thanks for pointing out.
      Warm regards,

  2. Josh says:

    its kinda strange because my akbash is a shady grey colour, and he’s such a playful dog. I don’t know if ill every teach him and tricks all i can do is make him sit and thats with a treat. 🙁

  3. Elizabeth Infante says:

    I have an 11 yr female akbash. She is so sweet, follows me around the house. She loves people, I used her as a therapy dog. She helps me when I fall down from my fibromyalgia and helps calm my anxiety. I grew up with large dogs German shepherds. She gaurds me from house flys and black flies. I do dog walking and she loves the other dogs, they are in her pack.

  4. Mark.Mitchell says:

    I’ve been raising Akbash, Kangal and Anatolian dogs now for 7 yrs. I had pyrenees dogs previously. I don’t recommend these dogs for 1st time big dog owners. If you are experienced with big breeds and have a family and a place with acreage…..yes. these dogs will protect you and your family with extreme prejudice! I know this 1st hand.
    These dogs have a long memory. You can fool them once, but never again the same way. They work at night. They bark to warn predators away. You will get used to the barking.
    Your estimate of the breeds years (3,000)is off. Most dog historians and Turks will agree that the breed is closers to 5,000 years old. They’ve never been bred out of their breed in Turkey. So their blood line and habits have been ingrained. By the time they are 8-10 months they will be wanting to get to their job. They work all night and tend to sleep and be on the lazy side during the day.
    I can’t recommend a better dog for the right situation. Awesome dogs!

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